Tuesday, November 29, 2022

“The Challenge”: Laurel Stucky teases return after leaving season 38: “It’s going under”

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The challenge Champion Laurel Stucky has missed the finals three times after appearing four times in a row. However, the Detroit native doesn’t intend to give up as she recently announced her return for future seasons.

Three-time finalist Laurel Stucky has not made it to the finals since appearing four in a row and winning once. For the past few seasons, she has been eliminated in the first six episodes

With an impressive elimination record of 10 wins and three losers in seven seasons, she is considered one of the top contenders.

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Though luck hasn’t been on her side lately, Laurel noted that she still intends to compete. Answering questions on her Instagram story, she announced that she would be returning to the franchise for future seasons. According to that Free Agents Champ, the show is currently undergoing an overhaul and is working to adjust its gameplay and strategy accordingly.

The Detroit native says she’s identified areas for improvement and found that she’s hit certain “goals” that she set for herself. Due to her departure from Season 38, the three-time finalist admitted she’s still “a little angry” and can’t wait to get her revenge. “It’s going down,” she teased.

After a four-season hiatus, Laurel returned for season 38 ride or die next to friend and Ex on the beach: peaks of love co-star Jakk Maddox.

The pair found themselves in the first elimination as rookies Johnny Middlebrooks and Ravyn Rochelle won the daily opening mission looking to target the veterans.

However, they were protected when newcomers Colleen Schneider and Kim Tränka pulled the ‘safe’ dagger and chose the pair to join them. They were in jeopardy again a few weeks later when his close friend Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald came to power.

Just as she thought Laurel was going to get her, Michele took the first shot and immediately sent the duo wide. They won and returned to the house upset, ready for revenge. However, Jay and Michele pulled out the win again, targeting Jakk and Laurel a second time. It worked as experienced team Aneesa Ferreira and Jordan Wiseley sent them home.

In 2010, Laurel debuted on fresh meat 2, partner of Kenny Santucci. They won over half of the daily missions together and an elimination en route to the finals where the duo took second place.

She returned for cutthroat and competed with Gray Team, again winning most daily missions and an elimination. Laurel reached the finals where she took another second place.

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The Detroit native came back rivals alongside Cara Maria Sorbello, where the two won a daily mission but eliminated two teams on their way to the finals, where Laurel finished runners-up for the third straight year. She returned for Free Agents and played her best game yet as she won four daily missions and four eliminations to advance to the finals where she claimed the elusive victory.

Laurel returned to him Invasion of the Champions after four episodes but was eliminated before the finale. The Detroit native also competed war of words 2. However, she was quickly knocked out during a hotly debated elimination against Natalie “Ninja” Duran. After four seasons, Laurel returned ride or die and plans to continue the competition. The challenge airs Wednesdays on MTV.

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