Saturday, January 21, 2023

‘The Challenge’: Jordan Wiseley Has Reportedly Turned Down ‘All Stars’ Season 4 Three Times – Is That the Reason?

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The challenge: All Stars Rumor has it that the season 4 cast list has officially surfaced on the internet gossip sites. The fans immediately noticed the unspectacular line-up of the male participants. They also noted that Jordan Wiseley was not listed even though he competed in Season 3. It wasn’t because MTV/Paramount didn’t try, though. Jordan reportedly declined All stars Season 4 separated three times.

When Jordan’s name was added to the cast list All stars season 3, many fans were surprised, thinking MTV barred him from attending. Or at least they thought he was suspended.

As explained by Femestella, Jordan made some comments about his co-star Nia Moore back in 2013 The Real World: Portland which some considered racist and problematic. During a drunken night, the two got into an argument and Jordan called Nia the N-word and imitated monkey sounds at her.

Since then, Jordan has competed in numerous seasons The challenge. But after the summer of 2020 and the BLM protests, MTV severed ties with some of its reality stars who made controversial comments about Black Lives Matter.

Many fans were convinced that Jordan was part of this racial reckoning on the network. But if the cast list for All stars 3 came out, it was clear that Jordan was not involved in any ban or suspension. It should be noted that Jordan and Nia are good friends and she has defended him on numerous occasions.

According to Instagram account The Challenge Shade Room, MTV asked Jordan to be there All stars 4 three times, but they couldn’t get him to say yes.

“The production called Jordan three times and offered him a raise all three times. And he declined all three times,” they shared.

When asked why Jordan would turn down the opportunity, the insider replied, “The man did All Stars 3, Season 38 and Global Championship back-to-back. I think he needed a break LOL.”

Vevmo’s spoiler team – who are proven to be mostly right – have released the rumored cast list for Season 4 The challenge: All Stars Season 4. And the list of male contestants is “atrocious,” says the insider.

The male candidates rumored to be running All stars 4 are: Jay Mitchell, Tyrie Ballard, Ace Amerson, Ryan Kehoe, Adam Larson, Derek Chavez, Brandon Nelson, Steve Meinke, Kefla Hare, Tony Raines, Brad Fiorenza and Leroy Garrett.

“Overall, I’m looking forward to the cast. The dynamics will be very interesting and I can’t wait to check them out. However, I’m a little conflicted about some things,” the Challenge Shade Room wrote in a Q&A. “The male cast is pretty horrible, but I’m not secretly mad at it? It’s so random and bad that I can’t wait to see what happens.”

The All Stars Challenge Seasons 1 through 3 are now playing on Paramount+.

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