Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Challenge: Johnny “Bananas” admits he won dailies in season 38 of the “Disincentives” format

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The challenge 38 contains a different format where the losers of the daily mission are not penalized and the winners have to nominate four teams for elimination. As a result, seven-time champion Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio has admitted to throwing challenges.

Seven-time champion Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio returned for season 38 ride or die alongside ex-Fling and veteran Nany González.

After winning a daily mission, he appeared to throw another as he refused to side with his partner. After the episode, the reality star admitted she didn’t want to win. According to Bananas, the format for winning the season is “off-putting”.

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In an episode of his podcast Death, taxes and bananas, he pointed out that the daily losers will not be penalized for last place, but the winners will have to nominate four teams. So if a couple has a good relationship with everyone, why would they want to win? Bananas noted that regardless of the reason, the winning pair must nominate four teams that would put a target on their backs.

As a result, he intentionally dropped the “Down the Line” mission from Episode 6. While guest and castmate Laurel Stucky disagreed, calling it a “strange mentality” for Bananas as a seven-time winner, Bananas claimed other teams, including Devin Walker and Tori Deal as well as Fessy Shafaat and Moriah Jade, would also have thrown it because they were doing business for safety.

Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald joined the rookies despite technically qualifying as veterans.

Bananas and Nany are considered the leaders of the fledgling alliance and nominated them for elimination in Episode 2.

Pulling the “safe” dagger, they rescued rookie allies Johnny Middlebrooks and Ravyn Rochelle to prove their allegiance to the newcomers.

A few weeks later, Jay and Michele became the winning couple, nominating former champions Darrell Taylor and Veronica Portillo, who recently entered the house, Aneesa Ferreira and Jordan Wiseley, and rookies Colleen Schneider and Kim Tränka, as they didn’t appear to have close ties to each other anyone. The two also tossed in Jay’s ally Jakk Maddox as Michele didn’t trust his partner Laurel.

However, the suspicion seemed unfounded Free Agents Champ insisted she had no problem with Michele, preferring the two had discussed it before falling out.

They threw the pair right next to Darrell and Veronica, who weren’t saved in the draw. Jakk and Laurel returned to the house upset with Jay and Michele wanting to move on.

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However, they regained power again and re-nominated the duo. That survivor Stars also picked two new couples, Kaycee Clark and her brother Kenny and Nany and Bananas.

The move upsets her as Kaycee and Nany are dating and don’t want to face each other in another elimination round. In the end, Nany pulled the safe dagger and protected her friend by default putting Laurel and Jakk in it, who were sent home by Aneesa and Jordan. The Challenge 38: Ride or die airs Wednesdays on MTV.

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