Tuesday, November 29, 2022

“The Challenge”: Jakk says he tried to reconnect with Jay but has since blocked his number

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The challenge 38 Rookie Jakk Maddox developed a close friendship with Jay Starrett, together with Chinese Takeout. However, Jay threw in a wrench when he twice threw Jakk and teammate Laurel Stucky into the elimination, resulting in their exit. After his performance, Jakk admitted he was willing to reconnect with Jay, but has since blocked it survivor number of the star.

The challenge 38 Castmates Jakk Maddox and Jay Starrett became close in the house and referred to their friendship as a Chinese takeout.

However, when Jay gained power, he immediately turned on his friend, throwing Jakk and teammate Laurel Stucky into back-to-back eliminations, resulting in their early elimination.

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The rookie recently appeared on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast to talk about his first season and to talk about his current friendship with Jay.

When asked if the two had spoken since filming wrapped, Jakk explained his castmate sent him an apology message, which he really appreciates. So he agreed to have lunch with Jay to solve their problems. Jakk remembered it, though survivor Alum commented that he would bring his “good camera” to the outing so they could create content for his social media.

The remark irritated her Ex on the beach: peaks of love Star for feeling like Jay wasn’t “sincere” in trying to make things right with him.

So Jakk decided to block his Chinese Takeaway counterpart and hasn’t spoken to him since.

When asked if he thought Jay intentionally developed a friendship with him during quarantine before entering the house as a strategy, Jakk admitted he believed so survivor Star did, considering how the reality TV star plays the game.

Continue after meeting Laurel peak of lovethe two became friends and competed ride or die together. When rookie team Johnny Middlebrooks and Ravyn Rochelle made it clear they wanted to target the veterans, they nominated Laurel and Jakk. However, newcomers Colleen Schneider and Kim Tränka drew the “safe” dagger and decided to protect them.

They stayed under the radar until episode 5 when Jay and teammate Michele Fitzgerald came into power.

Michele didn’t trust Laurel and believed she would target her, resulting in Jakk’s friend throwing her straight into the elimination. The move angered Jakk, who called Jay a “rat” in front of everyone but tried to continue for the sake of the game.

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However, Michele and Jay won the next daily mission and again targeted the team. That survivor Stars knocked out Aneesa Ferreira and Jordan Wiseley, likely due to their heated exchange that left Michele in tears, and Laurel and Jakk faced them in the end as Nany González pulled out the “safe” dagger and decided to turn to her friend Kaycee Clark to protect.

Unable to get over their emotions, they lost their second elimination and became the seventh team to be sent home. The Challenge 38: Ride or die airs Wednesdays on MTV.

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