Monday, November 29, 2021

‘The Challenge’ alum responds to Ashley Mitchell’s disqualification

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It was a heated week in the world of “The Challenge” when the aftermath of Ashley Mitchell’s disqualification was felt, and fans and cast members agreed to the situation. The two-time champion was removed from the game after breaking the rules off-camera in the final episode of Spies, Lies and Allies, and since the network didn’t provide much information, there was a lot of speculation on the internet about it.

On November 14th, the divisive “Challenge” star Paulie Calafiore commented on the situation: write on twitter, “I can’t comment on the Ashley situation, I wasn’t there. I can talk about the same group of weak veterans who only band together because there is nothing else they can gain. Mob mentality Mobs. Period.”

Paulie made many enemies while on the show on “The Challenge,” and he’s not shy away from making big statements on social media, and his latest comment is just one of many bold statements. The “Big Brother” star has been away from “The Challenge” for a few seasons, but has made no secret of the fact that he would like to return to the show.

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Paulie wasn’t the first “Challenge” star to comment on the situation, as several other cast members shared their thoughts on the situation. According to Nelson Thomas, Ashley’s removal came after a verbal argument with Josh Martinez and Tori Deal came to Josh’s defense as many fans blamed Josh for the situation. “For the record, Josh isn’t the reason Ashley was sent home,” Tori wrote. “Josh is NOT the instigator … he’s a victim in this situation.”

Devin also wrote that no actors were defending Ashley and that should be a clue to fans. “Josh / me / Logan / anyone else had nothing to do with the effects of their hurtful, ignorant, and misguided actions,” he wrote on Instagram. Emanuel Neagu also commented, writing that Josh was “a victim”.

Hughie Maughan, a rookie who was eliminated a few weeks before the incident, tweeted his love for Ashley: “Ashley, the girl I met is lovely, caring and so funny, we had great times together and I know all of yours Stories and all your friends from in all walks of life, I know where you have been and what you plan to go into the future, for me it is great. “

Ashley herself raised the situation without going into detail and posted on Twitter that she did not, nor intended to, attempt to defend her actions. “I didn’t seek compassion or even talk about what happened,” she wrote.

The two-time champ also said she would not defend her “idiotic words and deeds” but said, “I will die on this hill knowing that my real self and my heart are not the narrative that the gang portrays tries.”

On the day the episode aired showing her removal from the game, Ashley tweeted that she respected the decision and said to fans, “Everyone knows that I’m just mad at myself and it was so hard to shake off the depression and anxiety since I got home. I took anger management and thought a lot. I love you so much.”

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