Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Boys Season 3 Episode 4: Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy Stuns Fans, Calls Him ‘A Package Deal’

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The team is all scared of Homelander, meanwhile the soldier boy will probably kill everyone,” read one of the tweets

Not everyone has seen the latest episode of The Boys Season 3 yet. While some of the USA are criticizing Prime Video for delaying Episode 4, those who watched it couldn’t stop talking about Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy finally being revealed in person. In the episode “Glorious Five Year Plan,” the boys take him out of one of the cryochambers, only for the Super to give them a rude awakening.

Soldier Boy emerges from the container only to power up, unleashing a burst of energy directly at Frenchie. However, Kimiko intervenes, pushing him aside and taking the full power of his blast. She can’t heal herself and that makes things worse for the boys when Soldier Boy escapes. While the rest of the season will see more of the deadly supe, the focus will be on Kimiko, who may just be one of the main characters to tip the scales. Still, fans were all in awe of a swollen Ackles.


“Fk he’s so fat the man is a package deal #JensenAckles #TheBoysTV #soldierboy,” read one of the tweets. “Great now we’re getting junkie hughie probably butcher and hughie will fight to the death / i don’t need dying kimiko she better be alright / i really liked supersonic now bye bye and once again starfire and hughie are at the bottom, wonderful oh hi soldier boy #TheBoys #TheBoysTV,” wrote one of the fans. “Just watched the episode and it’s so good! Jensen looks hot and that little video clip at the beginning I want the whole song #TheBoys #TheBoysTV # TheHuntForSoldierBoy #soldierboy #JensenAckles,” opined another.

“Okay, the episode is ready. Jensen looks GOOD, all those workouts definitely paid off, he loved his wake up/entrance scene. Now the real fun begins in the upcoming episode. I can barely wait for it! #soldierboy #SoldierBoyDay #TheHuntForSoldierBoy #theboys #theboystv #spoilers,” one fan commented. “OH HE IS CRAZY #TheBoys #TheBoysTV #soldierboy #SoldierBoyDay,” one fan tweeted probably kill ALL. #TheBoys #TheBoysTV,” read one of the comments.

The Boys Season 3 will stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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