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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Katherine Kelly Lang ‘loved’ Brooke and Nick together

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The bold and the beautiful has scored big points with some of its romantic pairings, while others have so irritated fans that they’re boycotting it. Brooke Logan, one of the main characters B&BShe has had several relationships since her time on the show. However, Katherine Kelly Lang, who plays the character, said she loved Brooke and Nick together.

Brooke Logan became part of the B&B Wrinkle in 1987, and during her time with the soap she’s been in many relationships, some new, some recurring. Fans have seen Brooke’s love and lust life unfold, and while audiences often disagree with her choice of men, a few gentlemen have stood out.

The character has been the longest associated with Ridge Forrester and she believes Ridge is the love of her life. However, Ridge isn’t her only epic love story, as one cast fans for a loop. In 2003, Brooke’s path crossed that of Nick Marone when his ship crashed.

For the first time, Brooke seemed to be in love with someone who wasn’t Forrester. As with any soap, however, the hidden twist that many couldn’t predict was that Nick was as much a Forrester as Ridge, since the two were half brothers. After the reveal, things went downhill.

Brooke was intertwined with the brothers for nearly a decade and even found herself pregnant without knowing her son’s father. While the DNA tests initially revealed Nick as the father, fans quickly learned the results were changed and Ridge was the father.

Disappointed at the turn of events, Nick turned his attention to Brooke’s daughter, Bridget, whom he sporadically married three times. Nick’s contentious relationship with his brother was too much for Brooke, and given the tragedy of their love story (in which Brooke also donated her eggs to Taylor), they decided not to rekindle their romance.

Brooke and Nick may have been short-lived, but the actor who plays Brooke believes it was probably her character’s best romance. In an interview on YouTube, Michael Fairman asked Katherine Kelly Lang if she shared fans’ feelings about the pairing.

She said: “It was fun because it was a little bit different. He was such a dark guy.” Lang recalled the first time her character and Jack Wagner’s Nick met in Ridge’s office. Lang said Nick “looks very dapper in his cool outfit with his beard and a cigar.”

Lang shared how much fun her character had with Nick sharing her favorite scenes, including when the couple went to an island and shared quality time while he serenaded her. When asked how she feels working with Wagner again during her special episode, Lang said, “It was a bit overwhelming to have all the men there — but it was so good to see Jack.”

Jack Wagner left B&B 2012 to pursue other ventures but remained under contract that recently ended. However, he returned in a special episode to honor Katherine Kelly Lang’s legacy on the show. In fact, Lang is one of the few original cast members of B&B

In the episode, Brooke looks back on her love life and has all the men from her past in one room. Lang reflected on Wagner’s speech and said it brought back wonderful memories of her. “His speech was so touching and really brought back those memories of them as a couple.”

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