Monday, November 28, 2022

The Best Dehumidifiers to Get Rid of Moisture: We tested the 4 best-selling dehumidifiers

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When winter finally starts to bite in the UK, mold and damp will inevitably become a growing problem for many homeowners. That’s why we’ve reviewed the best dehumidifiers in the UK to help you keep your home damp, mold and odor free.

Whether it’s excessive condensation on windows or creeping mold on the walls, it can give you the unsettling feeling that something is invading your home and you’re powerless to stop it.

However, you can often win the battle by installing a powerful dehumidifier in the affected room.

At a time when we are all acutely budget conscious, the last thing you need is another machine in your home consuming electricity and sending up energy bills.

Each dehumidifier comes with a headline extraction rate (in liters) that tells you exactly how much water it can pull from the atmosphere in a 24-hour period. So we tested a cross-section, looking for devices that work quickly and efficiently so they can be run as short as possible, but still have a big impact on the problem.

Ultimately the running costs are more important than the initial cost of the machine itself as using a power hungry machine can seriously drain your wallet and cheaper machines can cost hundreds more over time which is why choosing the right machine to start with is so important .

With that in mind, we donned our lab coats and clipboards and like the work colleague who rarely chats in the break room but always wins employee of the month, we went in search of quiet efficiency.

As we tested

Most models come with an internal humidity controller that allows the unit to track humidity levels and fine-tune operating performance accordingly. So we run each unit in a humid building to see how quickly it can fill the tank and reach and maintain a target humidity of 55%.

Our test also included a room full of laundry on a tumble dryer, fresh out of the machine. More and more people are now using their dehumidifiers as a cheaper alternative to tumble drying, and most models these days will come with an energy-saving wash mode that monitors the air and adjusts output based on relative humidity.

This is just another way to test the efficiency of each device.

Also on our clipboard watch list were portability, usability, and the operating noise level of each device, as these are machines to be lived with comfortably.

Overall the best: MeacoDry Arete One 12L dehumidifier

Best for large rooms: Honeywell 24L TP

Best Value: Black + Decker BXEH60004GB

Most Stylish Design: DUUX Bora Smart Dehumidifier

Advantages: Tailored for the UK climate, energy efficient, very easy to use

Disadvantages: Upfront costs, styling

The result of five years of research and development, including consulting with its customers on what they liked and disliked about the brand’s previous dehumidifiers, the Arete One is a compact machine that fits like the love child between a paper shredder and a kitchen bin looks and not in a bad way.

It has been specifically designed for UK conditions of 60% relative humidity at temperatures between 10°C and 20°C and it shows in service.

It’s a powerful 12 liter supercharged machine with an accurate, advanced humidistat (which we’ve independently verified) that doesn’t constantly check humidity, but instead takes readings every 30 minutes and adjusts its output accordingly, shutting off in between to save energy save up.

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