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The Beatles refused to record any of Paul McCartney’s songs

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One of Paul McCartney’s songs never became a Beatles song because the group didn’t like it. They then gave the song to another artist. The artist released his version of the tune as a single.

In the 1997 book Paul McCartney: In many years, Paul spoke about the song “Tip of My Tongue”. “Oh dear God!” he said. “There were always some songs that we didn’t want to do because we didn’t think they were very good, but other people were like, ‘Well, I do it, I think it’s pretty good.'”

A singer named Tommy Quickly recorded “Tip of My Tongue,” but the Beatles never released a version of it. “Tommy Quickly was one of our friends from Brian Epstein’s stable,” Paul explained. “That’s pretty much mine, I’m ashamed to say. It sounds like I tried to work it around the title.”

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Paul then explained why his songs “Tip of My Tongue” and “That Means a Lot” saw the light of day even though he didn’t like them. “Normally I would try to bury these songs and not release them, but there was so much pressure from people that they were like, ‘Do you have anything?’

“I would say, ‘Yeah, but you really don’t want to see her,'” he continued. “They would say, ‘I do it! Believe me, I think I can do a good job and your name on it would be a huge plus.’” PJ Proby wanted to record “That Means a Lot” and he did. The Beatles’ version of “That Means A Lot” then appeared on the album anthology 2 but it was never a single, let alone a hit.

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According to The Official Charts Company, Quickly’s “Tip of My Tongue” never charted in the UK, nor did any of his albums. His only hit, “Wild Side of Life”, peaked at number 33 in the UK and stayed in the chart for eight weeks.

The Official Charts Company reports that Proby’s “That Means a Lot” was a major hit. It peaked at number 30 in the UK and spent a total of six weeks on the charts.

Paul wasn’t a fan of “Tip of My Tongue” and “That Means A Lot,” but the songs remain interesting footnotes in other artists’ careers.

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