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The Beatles cover So Good, Ringo Starr kissed the musician who played it

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Ringo Starr earned his share of praise with the Beatles. George Harrison spoke highly of Ringo before he knew who he was, and he was right. After proving his skills as a drummer with the Fab Four, Ringo entered a hall of fame that the other Beatles will never enter. The ace timekeeper earned awards in his heyday, and he’s handing them out too, like when Ringo kissed a musician who covered The Beatles in 2014.

Ringo once said the Beatles got lucky to book their gig The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. Still, the impact of her American debut on pop culture hasn’t been a happy one. They were already popular in England and had some notoriety in the United States. The playing Sullivan show took their fame to another level.

Fifty years later, the Recording Academy (the group behind the Grammy Awards) honored the band The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles in 2014. The show included artists from various genres (including Stevie Wonder, Brad Paisley, Pharrell Williams and John Legend) covering Beatles tunes.

One of the covers touched Ringo so much that he kissed the musician performing it.

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Ringo performed at the Salute to the Beatles, and Paul McCartney too. Then they teamed up for a few songs. But the performance that touched Ringo the most was Imagine Dragons’ cover of Revolution 1.

NME reports that Ringo kissed Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds on the cheek when the drummer met the band at the show. Reynolds also revealed that Paul loved the rendition the band submitted:

“Ringo gave me a big kiss on the cheek and my childish brain was blown. At our Las Vegas studio, one of the first things you see upon entering is the friendly message Paul wrote [to] we said he really enjoyed our cover of ‘Revolution’. That’s the first thing you see – before a Grammy or something – how impressive it was for us,” Reynolds said. “The most nervous I was ever covering The Beatles before The Beatles! That was terrifying.”

The Dragons’ stripped-down version of “Revolution 1” focused on the song’s melody and harmony. It was almost a cappella performance, with the four Imagine Dragons members playing three guitars, a bass and a tambourine tapped by a drum-kick pedal. It was impressive and memorable enough that Ringo felt like kissing Reynolds after the performance.

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Ringo kissing Dan Reynolds after Imagine Dragons covered “Revolution 1” wasn’t the only time the band took a liking to the famous drummer.

Reynolds founded the Loveloud Foundation and Music Festival in 2017 to support LGBTQ youth. It’s a cause he continues to support. When Reynolds spoke out against LGBTQ conversion therapy at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, Ringo tweeted (in the best possible Ringo way) expressing his support for Reynolds’ message.

Ringo Starr kissed Dan Reynolds after Imagine Dragons did a flawless cover of The Beatles. But it wasn’t the only time the drummer liked what Reynolds was doing.

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