Thursday, September 22, 2022

‘The Bachelorette’ men’s party in Nashville, but 1 suitor apparently wasn’t welcome

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The Bachelorette spoilers for the season 19 finale have hinted that Rachel Recchia’s future with her last remaining husband, Tino Franco, may not lead to lasting happiness. Viewers will see how that plays out in the final episode, which airs Tuesday, September 20th. Meanwhile, a handful of men from Season 19 gathered to party over the weekend, and it seemed like one of their fellow contestants hadn’t been given a warm welcome to attend the event.

Here’s what you need to know:

According to Us Weekly, a handful of the men from Recchia and Gabby Windey’s “Bachelorette” squad recently partied together at the Hampton Social in Nashville, Tennessee. Based on various social media tidbits, the group included Nate Michell, Jordan Vandergriff, Alec Garza, Mario Vassall and Aven Jones, among a few others.

A “Bachelorette” fan who was on Hampton Social while the boys were there shared a clip of the mayhem on her TikTok page. It seemed everyone was having a good time, and the TikTok poster suggested the men were soaking up all the female attention they were getting. As well as the group mentioned by Us Weekly, social media posts also revealed Johnny Philippi, Roby Sobieski, John Anderson and twins Joey and Justin Young.

At one point someone at the club gave the guys an LED sign that said “F*** Tino”. Some social media posts showed glimpses of the sign, like Garza’s now-defunct Instagram Story, and some guys seemed to get a kick out of it and embrace it. As Nashville’s Local Today noted, a video showing the “F*** Tino” sign that surfaced on social media showed Norris dancing in front of it, and he apparently pointed to it as well.

It doesn’t appear that the Tino shield has caused much chaos on Reddit. However, videos of the Bachelorette boys partying together have certainly garnered some strong opinions from Bachelor Nation fans.

“Is it me or are these the thirstiest boys in bachelorette history?” asked one show fan.

“I would pee so hard,” admitted another.

“Why do the boys remind me of clumsy penguins trying to mate?” wondered another.

“That’s why men sign up for the show,” suggested a fourth Redditor.

“Discovered: the common BN human in its natural habitat,” joked another commenter.

Us Weekly pointed out that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to a fan sign calling out a specific candidate. Last February, when Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor aired, Genevieve Parisi and several of her bachelors posed next to a similar sign negatively referring to that season’s “bad guy,” Shanae Ankney. Parisi later apologized, noting, “Nobody’s perfect and I learn as I go.” With the ladies, they didn’t know about the sign beforehand. While it doesn’t seem known for sure, it seems quite likely that this was also the case for the Nashville season 19 “Bachelorette” men.

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