Monday, August 8, 2022

‘The Bachelorette’: Fans Call Out Show for ‘Yet Another Wedding Dress Photoshoot’ Date

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“The Bachelor franchise is just a social audience experiment to see how many wedding photo ops we can watch before mentally breaking down,” one fan wrote

The Bachelorette makes history with its first season with two leads. Fans were treated to the largest group date in the history of the show franchise during Monday night’s episode, which featured co-leads Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey with the 19 suitors.

The men arrived at a great location for the group date, where they were told they would be showing up for a photoshoot with famed photographer Franco Lacosta. “Having the biggest group date ever today and the first group date of the season is pretty overwhelming,” Gabby told ET ahead of the July 25 episode airing. Although there were many men on the screen, each of them came in forcefully. The Bachelorettes appeared to be having a good time with the boys, although fans at home couldn’t help but squirm around a hairy baby in diapers.


Gabby and Rachel both offered suggestions as to how the men could set themselves apart from so many others. Franco has arrived for the day of the photoshoot and had his work cut out for him with 19 men to photograph. But he was prepared for a variety of strange situations. For example “Homoerotic Car Wash” and “Creepy Man Baby”.

Meatball doused himself in pasta sauce last week, and this week they put him in an adult diaper. After a series of bizarre arrangements, including Adam and Eve, Airplane Agony and Hospital Horror Show, it was time for the proposal photos. And the guys have to wear proper suits for these shots. It’s unclear if each man was photographed proposing to each Bachelorette, but Tino’s proposal to Rachel, telling her, “The way I feel about you, I want forever,” and Nate’s proposal to Gabby, both stood out out of here. “The second I looked at you, I felt like I was meeting my best friend,” Nate said, tearing viewers’ eyes even though it wasn’t a genuine suggestion.

Aside from the two suggestions, fans were disappointed with the photoshoot and the way it went. One fan wrote: “It’s time for the classic photoshoot group date! Now we find out what a contender each guy is based on how silly an outfit he has to wear. #TheBacheloretteabc #TheBachelorettes #TheBachelorette.”

Tired of seeing yet another photoshoot with the girls in wedding dresses, one fan asked: “The wedding photoshoot agaaaaain aiiiight how are you going to twist this? #TheBachelorette.”

Another fan, calling it a social experiment for the audience, wrote: “The Bachelor franchise is just a social experiment for the audience to see how many wedding photos we can see before we mentally break from it, differences in time and not being able to tell space # The Bachelorette.”

After seeing Aven’s “Meatball” being born, one fan tweeted, “I’m usually super excited for the photoshoot but ummm I’m uncomfortable with the meatball baby @BacheloretteABC #TheBachelorette.”

With so many different themes in one photoshoot, one fan wrote, “There isn’t a single coherent theme to be found in this #TheBachelorette photoshoot.”

One fan couldn’t help but call it the worst photoshoot in Bachelors history: “Why is this the worst photoshoot ever? #TheBachelorette.”

The Bachelorette season 19 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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