Wednesday, September 21, 2022

“The Bachelorette” 2022: Tino’s reaction to Rachel’s statement “He’s the right one” has Bachelor Nation cackling

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“Sorry, is it just me or did Tino just not respond when told he was the only guy left?” wrote one fan

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Rachel Recchia, the Bachelorette, had an instant connection with Tino Franco. However, Tino’s response let Bachelor Nation down when she told him he’s the only one left for her in the Part 2 finale.

The season 19 finale of ABC’s The Bachelorette is here, and viewers can finally find out what happened between Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco. Rachel and Tino finish the season together, although the rest of the season shows there will be serious conflicts. The contractor was the last two contenders along with Aven Jones, but the pilot chooses to continue her relationship with Tino when he proposes to her during the final rose ceremony. When she finally tells him that he’s the one she wants to be with, his reaction isn’t what fans were expecting.


After the fantasy suit phase of the season, Zach Shallcross decides to eliminate himself. The technology account manager’s relationship with Rachel has already drawn doubt from viewers. By default, when Zach leaves, Rachel’s two finalists are Tino Franco and Aven Jones. Fans shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Tino is the man who appears to get Rachel’s final rose. The 28-year-old builder has long been a frontrunner (he got the first impression and kiss of the season), and while his family didn’t warm to Rachel right away, he convinced them she was the one for him.

After breaking up with Aven, Rachel goes straight to Tino’s room to break the big news, but his face had fans laughing at just the moment. Bachelor Nation quickly took to social media to share their hilarious reactions. One fan tweeted that Tino’s face showed no emotion when told he was the one for Rachel: “The way I cackled when Rachel told Tino he was the last. This man didn’t give us anything hahahahhaa #thebachelorette.” Another tweet from a fan read, “I’m sorry, is it just me or did Tino just not respond to being told he’s the only guy who is left? #TheBachelorettes.” One fan tweeted, “Tino and Erich both realize that ‘You’re the last one left’ is not the same as ‘I sent all the other guys home and chose you’ #TheBachelorettes #thebachelorette. Tino’s blank face got fans to respond, “Tino is declaring his love to Rachel #TheBachelorettes.” Another fan tweet read, “I’m sorry is it just me or did Tino just not respond to him.” was told he’s the only guy left? #TheBachelorettes.”

Some fans also felt that Tino wasn’t into the idea of ​​settling down with Rachel at all: “As if Tino was her perfect match…he looks like he doesn’t even like her #TheBachelorette #TheBachelorettes.” One fan held quickly captures his reaction with the perfect GIF: “Rachel: you’re the only one here! You’re the one!!!! Tino: #TheBachelorettes #BachelorNation.” Another hilarious reaction from Bachelor Nation read, “Tino knows he’s just one more… #TheBachelorette #TheBachelorettes.”

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