Monday, August 8, 2022

‘The Bachelorette’ 2022 struck as Gabby and Rachel had another awkward rose ceremony

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“I don’t want my ladies to feel devalued. ABC check yourself out,” said one fan

In the dramatic third episode of “The Bachelorette” on Monday night, suitors had to choose between Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey. Rachel and Gabby thrived on their one-on-one dates on the July 25 episode of the show, but were brutally rebuffed by other men.

After just three episodes of their twin “journey,” the Bachelorettes decided to split the men into two groups: Team Rachel and Team Gabby. Zach and Rachel hopefully started the week off with a nice one-on-one date, but Gabby’s situation wasn’t looking too good until her one-on-one with Erich… and an unexpected third wheel. While both women had a good time at their photoshoot, the after-party just did one of them happy. With hostility in the air, Rachel and Gabby decided to tweak the rules to take back control. And it all came to a head with a heated rose ceremony!


When the episode started, 21 men were still fighting over Gabby and Rachel. But the ladies were curious as to which of them the men preferred. Jesse Palmer, the host, informed the men that the women had canceled the cocktail reception and they were proceeding directly to the ceremony. He revealed that Gabby and Rachel had chosen to go their separate ways on the show, with a group for each of them.

“If you accept a rose tonight, it means you have committed to dating a woman, the woman who offers the rose you accept, and not the other one,” Jesse explained. With Aven and Zach already safe thanks to Rachel’s roses and Erich thanks to Gabby, there were only 18 men left in the race. Gabby told the boys she had some “hurtful” conversations that changed her attitude. But it was Rachel who felt the burn first!

While Logan and Tino accepted Rachel’s roses, Termayne, her third choice, said, “I’m going to have to turn down the rose,” feeling more attracted to Team Gabby. That decision cost Rachel her rose, which quickly removed Jesse from her podium. Jesse, the host, stated that they would reintroduce Termayne to the group to see if Gabby picked him. “It was so embarrassing,” Rachel said, but it got worse when Alec refused her rose, too. Jordan H, Ethan and Tyler, however, agreed.

“We should be to take back the power. We literally gave them back to everyone by doing this. I can not. Now I look stupid to everyone who has my rose,” Rachel shared with Gabby, before revealing in a confessional, “It was the most difficult moment I’ve had as a Bachelorette. Really… Being turned down multiple times after you already feel like you don’t deserve it is tough.” But James, nicknamed “Meatball,” was the third man to turn down Rachel, stating, “I’m here for Gabby. I have to go with my heart.”

Meanwhile, Michael, Quincey, Kirk, Mario, Jason, Spencer, Johnny, and Nate accepted Gabby’s roses. Hayden received Rachel’s last rose of the evening. Rachel felt “so bad and rejected” after the ceremony, although Gabby was over the moon.

Viewers at home couldn’t help but embarrass Rachel secondhand and criticize the rose ceremony. One fan dubbed the rose ceremony the “cringiest” in Bachelorette history: “This rose ceremony will definitely go down as the cringiest in Bachelorette history #TheBachelorette #bachelorette.” Fans are also calling on the show’s creators to come up with new rules along the way to leave: “The producers explain the arbitrary rules of the rose ceremony in the blink of an eye #bachelorette #TheBachelorette.”

Writing on how this embarrassment could have been avoided, one of the fans wrote: “How this could have worked out better and allowed Gabby/Rachel to be in control: The men must first choose which rose ceremony they are going to attend, Gabby or Rachel. Then Gabby and Rachel have roses to hand out to the men in their room. #TheBachelorette.” Seeing the ladies feeling devalued, one fan vented his anger in a tweet: “JUST A QUICK TWITTER TO SAY I HATE THIS ROSE CEREMONY BUHBYE. I don’t want that ladies feeling devalued. ABC, check yourself. #TheBachelorette.”

Comparing how the two Bachelorettes had their own awkward moment, one fan wrote: “I’m dead serious, I think someone wanted Rachel to be dismissed the same embarrassment, but at the public rose ceremony, totally inappropriate! #TheBachelorette #BachelorNation #BachelorMonday #Bachelorette.”

One fan felt taking away Rachel’s rose wasn’t in the best interest: “Re: #TheBachelorette tonight Wtf the host shouldn’t be taking the roses from the bachelorette…that could have been avoided if they let the men explain their intentions before the.” Rose ceremony.” After one rose ceremony was canceled this season, one fan asked, “Is this the rose ceremony from Hell Part 2? #TheBachelorette.”

Catch “The Bachelorette” Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. If you can also watch the show through your local ABC affiliate.

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