Wednesday, August 10, 2022

‘The Bachelorette’ 2022: Fans are questioning the maker’s budget as the ‘group date’ involves 29 men in Speedos

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The first group date of the season takes place and the internet dubs it the “low budget date ever”.

‘The Bachelorette’ returns to ABC tonight with a brand new episode on Tuesday July 18, 2022 and we have our first group date of the season. After last week’s bombastic canceled rose ceremony, Rachel and Gabby surprise the 29 men who stayed at the mansion by challenging them to enter a swimsuit contest for one of six spots for the after-party with the group in tonight’s Earn Season 19 Episode 2.

There are two bachelorette girls this season of The Bachelorette. It’s twice the effort and twice the fun! One of the participants put it best: The two women were destined to like the same guy at some point. This would create tension. With men chasing both women at the same time, there is already tension. This experiment seemed doomed to failure. There are so many of them and the women hadn’t even spoken to half of them.


But they will fix that tonight. Everyone is locked inside as it is pouring rain outside. Our bachelorettes are also disappointed because they had planned a pool party with the 29 men, half of whom they don’t know yet, to meet them and see their “six pack”. But don’t panic, the producers have created a totally normal indoor sport that allows the men to show off both their personality and their rock-hard physiques. Fans couldn’t help but point out the struggle the girls faced when deciding how to put on a show where they can see their abs all at once. One viewer tweeted, “Gabby and Rachel are trying to come up with a group date where they can see the boys abs #TheBachelorette.”

Rachel and Gabby both went to the house. They chatted with the boys and even brought gifts. Their “gifts” were men’s speedometers. The girls wanted the boys to wear them so they could see what they looked like without clothes. Yes, it’s time for men’s competitions! The boys have half an hour to change into their banana hammocks and create a “talent” for Rachel and Gabby to show off. Not surprisingly, many of the men use this time to practice push-ups and pull-ups to look good ahead of the event. Ryan prepares by putting a sock in his speedometer while some other guys use what looks like olive oil to make their pecs look nice and shiny. After getting dressed, the men gather in the living room where the bachelorettes sit, clipboards in hand, ready to judge them. Jesse Palmer reminds the boys that the Man Pageant winner could spend time with Rachel and Gabby at the Bachelorette Pad.

Some speedometers were too small. The women saw everything, while the audience at home only saw a black bar in this area. Sigh. The hen’s reactions were the only indication that the home crowd knew what each guy looked like in a skimpy Speedo. Gabby let out a squeak of delight when she saw Logan in his swimming trunks.

It was difficult for the girls to ask the boys questions. It took them time to process everything they saw before asking questions, and by the time they did, some had already made an impression. Rachel describes the group date as a bachelor-style pageant where the winner later has intimate time with the bachelorette girls, so the stakes are high for the boys. Logan describes himself as stubborn, honest and kind when asked how his ex-boyfriends would describe him. Rachel admits she had her sights set on him since night one, and the group date was no exception. Quincey looked great in his Borat-themed speedometer. Both of his buttocks were exposed, as was a small turn on stage. The ladies were overjoyed to see it in all its glory.

Not so much for the people behind him. Jacob was there too. Resembling Tarzan in his speedometer, he showcased his skills as a mortgage broker. Which certainly convinced Rachel. When Chris started singing, it helped him get noticed even more. The girls were hoping for some creativity from the boys and how much fun they would have if they showed off their talent. They both realized that personality was key because they had both done the show before.

Chris, who believes he has secured the private party invitation, but when the appointment card arrives that evening, his name is not on it. Colin, Johnny, Jason, Brandan, Logan and Aven meet the Bachelorettes for dinner. However, fans were not impressed with the men’s show. Aside from the men being objectified on screen for a good 5-7 minutes, fans were disappointed with the budget set for the group date as it was the saga of the men and their swim trunks! One fan tweeted: “Wasn’t there a budget for the first group date? It looks like they only gave out mimosas and speedos? #TheBachelorette.”

Some fans didn’t seem to like the group date at all: “Wait I hate this ‘group date’ #TheBachelorette.”

Another fan also asked how the bachelorette girls were dressed for the group date, adding to the budget concerns: “Ok. Who dresses Rachel? On the pageant group date, she looks like she’s going on safari, why?!?! #TheBachelorette. “


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