Thursday, January 19, 2023

‘The Bachelor’: Rachel Lindsay claims ‘social media attacks’ resumed after Chris Harrison’s podcast debut

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former bachelorette Star Rachel Lindsay revealed on her podcast Higher Learning She is once again the target of “social media attacks” on the debut of Chris Harrison’s new podcast. Lindsay and Harrison’s professional relationship soured after they discussed the former The bachelor contestant Rachael Kirkconnell’s racist imagery in an interview during the 25th season of the reality dating series. However, since Harrison’s return to the public eye, Lindsay has claimed his fans are turning against her again.

On February 10, 2021, Lindsay and Harrison discussed questionable photos of candidate Kirkconnell that had come to light on social media. These photos sparked racist accusations after Kirkconnell dressed as a Native American person and attended a pre-war plantation-themed ball for her sisterhood.

In the past, Lindsay has been vocal in holding the franchise accountable when it comes to racial issues. After prompting the series to diversify, Matt James was named The bachelor‘s first black male lead.

During their discussion, Lindsay and Harrison both agreed that it would be best if Kirkconnell spoke on the subject himself. He agreed with Rachel that while the photos don’t cast the best light on the season 25 contestant, he stands by his comments that perspectives on certain things can change over time.

Harrison later said Kirkconnell deserved “compassion.” He later apologized for “excusing historical racism.” But Harrison couldn’t repair the damage and resigned The bachelor franchise five months later.

Harrison told Entertainment Weekly his new podcast is “cathartic.” He explained in a trailer for the project, “I haven’t spoken publicly about it for two years [stepping down from The Bachelor franchise]. I think it’s going to be cathartic.”

I look forward to getting this off my shoulders and fixing it, moving forward and letting everyone hear from me.” The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever…featuring Chris Harrison debuted on January 9.

However, Lindsay says that since her debut, the backlash she received on social media two years earlier has started again.

“A lot of people, as you can imagine, approached me – they either asked me what I was thinking or asked me if I was listening. Or unfortunately – and a lot of it – it had thrown up all the attacks I had from before when this happened almost two years ago”, the former bachelorette star kicked off with a recent episode of her Higher Learning podcast.

“A lot of social media attacks and DMs have started again because they are bringing up something that happened almost two years ago. So I won’t talk about it too much,” Lindsay continued.

“Some people [have sent] Support, you know, or something like, “I don’t like the way he brought it up. Her name was not mentioned,'” she continued. “When he announced this podcast. I said, ‘He’s going to talk about how he’s feeling. He won’t say my name.” Why should he? This is his opportunity to tell his side about it because he hasn’t done it before, which he has every right to do.”

“It’s for his fans and those who have come forward. They were wondering where he was,” Lindsay said of Harrison’s new podcast, as reported by Us Weekly. “That’s all I needed to know.”

The podcast host and television correspondent continued. “So for all the people who say, ‘I can’t believe that wasn’t addressed. I can’t believe that wasn’t said.’ He told you all who this podcast is for. It’s not for you. It’s for his supporters. He spoke to him.

She concluded, “I don’t know why people thought they were going to get something, either some tea or even something for me, or what happened.”

The new season of The bachelor debuts January 23, 2023, on ABC TV.

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