Thursday, December 22, 2022

“The Amazing Race 34”: Derek and Claire helped Aubrey and David because they spoke Spanish

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Following The amazing race 32, it’s quite controversial for teams to form alliances in the CBS reality competitive series. Of course, they’ll help each other out every once in a while, but that can sometimes be a point of contention among fans. So, when Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss helped Aubrey Ares and David Hernandez The amazing race 34, some were not happy. But the pair might have a good reason for it.

The amazing race 34 Episode 9 was the first part of the Megaleg in Spain. For the detour in part one, teams had to fry fish or use a paddleboard to get ice and life jackets to a boat. Both Derek and Claire and Aubrey and David chose the fish challenge.

Derek and Claire took meticulous notes as they watched the pros prepare the fish, so they knew to salt it. However, David and Aubrey did not understand this detail. When Derek and Claire were almost done with the challenge, Derek decided to help them. He told David and Aubrey about salting the fish and even showed them how to do it.

During a confession, David said, “Today he saved us… Words cannot express it. You miss a step like that; Your whole detour is going in the trash.” Aubrey added, “That’s why we love Derek and Claire so much.”

In a separate confessional, Derek shared, “Hopefully it pays off later and they help us with the next half of this leg.” And Claire explained, “We’re willing to help you until it’s no longer helpful to us. And then we will be cutthroats.”

At the end of The amazing race 34 Episode 9, Derek and Claire were the first team to complete the detour while Aubrey and David were the second. And Aubrey and David definitely repaid that Big Brother Couple in the second half of the Megaleg. You helped them finish the detour in Episode 10.

Derek and Claire posted a summary of The amazing race 34 Episode 9 on her YouTube channel. And during the video, they shared why they decided to help David and Aubrey in the Megaleg.

“I was more nervous about this leg than other legs,” Derek said. “I think I was more nervous because we were in Spain and we had two fluent Spanish speaking teams. So even now I don’t think any of them will be eliminated. So now it’s just us versus Emily and Molly and Michael and Marcus.”

He continued, “To ease that nervousness, me and Claire had a chat, we were like, ‘Let’s work that leg with either Aubrey and David or Michelle and Luis because they speak Spanish. You will be able to help us.”

And Derek and Claire took that attitude to the detour with Aubrey and David.

“It was at a point in the challenge that I knew me and Claire were on the verge of passing. So I felt comfortable helping other teams,” explained Derek. “I think that was, one – wanting to help Aubrey and David – but also two – if it had been Michael and Marcus I wouldn’t have helped them.”

Claire added: “Yeah, that wasn’t willy-nilly free help. If we were at the back of the pack, we wouldn’t have helped them. If Michael and Marcus were a team, we wouldn’t have helped them… We’re in the lead. If we can help another team stay on top, Michael and Marcus might stay at the bottom. And we like Aubrey and David too.”

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After eliminating Michael and Marcus Craig in The amazing race 34 By episode 10, only four teams remain, including Derek and Claire. So their strategy of helping Aubrey and David paid off in the long run.

Now they face Aubrey and David, Luis and Michelle, and Emily and Molly in the penultimate leg. Will Derek and Claire make it to the finals? Only time will tell but they are a strong team with all the tools to succeed.

The amazing race 34 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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