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The ‘1923’ cast took ice baths together after Taylor Sheridan’s grueling cowboy camp

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The cast of 1923 attended Taylor Sheridan’s infamous cowboy camp. There the actors got to know the way of life of the cowboys and were able to get cuddly on horseback. They practiced roping, cattle herding, and other skills they would need to film the series. While the cast enjoyed camp, training for a Taylor Sheridan series is a notoriously grueling process.

Fans of Taylor Sheridan’s work have probably heard of the screenwriter’s infamous cowboy camp. actor out yellowstone, 1883and now 1923 visited the camp to learn how to ride horses, herd and tie up cattle, and learn about the cowboy way of life.

While the actors usually have good things to say about cowboy camp, it’s definitely no walk in the park. In conversation with Slash Film, Darren Mann and Michelle Randolph, who play Jack Dutton and Elizabeth Strafford 1923described being very sore after cowboy camp.

“Misery brings us together,” Mann said. “I think it really worked and we all had such a fun time and so many good laughs and formed bonds and connections. I would love to start every single job, I really like that.”

Jennifer Ehle portrays Sister Mary in 1923. Ehle’s character helps run one of the horrifying Native American boarding schools that were rampant during the period. Since Sister Mary is a nun and does not ride there 1923, Ehle did not visit the cowboy camp. However, the actor certainly saw the impact of the experience.

“First time I’ve met one of the actors, Brandon [Sklenar], he filled… I heard the sound of this ice machine running the whole time, and he was there with a huge garbage bag, like one of the really big hefty bags, and he filled the entire bag with ice from the hotel ice machine in the hallway,” Ehle said in an interview with The CBR. I thought, ‘What’s going on?’ [I] then they found out it was for the ice baths they would all take together.”

Aminah Nieves, who plays Teonna in the prequel series, also attended cowboy camp. “It was a lot of fun to be able to experience small horses. I mean, listen, I’ve always wanted to ride a horse, and I have before, but not like this,” the actor told The CBR.

“It was a different level. It was intense two weeks. We competed and you pitted actors against each other, come on. I mean it was great. [laughs] We would come home after work, smell like cow dung, and just take ice baths together.” Nieves added, “I wish Jen was there.”

1923 Premieres Sunday, December 18, 2022 on Paramount+.

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