Sunday, October 17, 2021

Texas mother of two, Courtney Ann traded Pug for sexy lingerie for $ 480,000 a year

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It all started after Courtney Ann posted a sexy photo of her husband online!

Being a mother of 2 with a cleaning job is as exhausting as it gets. Courtney Ann led a normal life and made $ 48,000 a year, but her life changed forever when she took a daring photo of herself on social media at a challenge she received from her husband received. She is now a fully fledged model and has the username @texasthighs on Instagram. She has gained an audience of over a million users with photos of her body.

A number of OnlyFans creators have spoken about changing their normal jobs and how creating content on the platform has proven lucrative for them. For example, California mother and housewife Tiffany Poindexter reportedly makes $ 150,000 a month from OF. She started OF to fulfill a fantasy that has since turned into a hobby that she and her husband Chris work on every day. The Christian housewife Nita Marie should also be doing well at OF. The Colorado-American native caused shock waves on social media after claiming she had heavenly orgasms in threesomes with her husband and God.


Who is Courtney Ann at OnlyFans?

Courtney Ann, 38, of Fort Worth, Texas, was always social media savvy, while her husband, Nick, 41, was averse to the idea of ​​scrolling away for hours and looking at photos of random people. One report said she often pointed out how pretty other women looked, but her husband told her she was prettier and sexier than others. To prove he’s honest, Nick challenged her to upload a sparkling photo of herself, which in turn led to a new career for her, a fulfilling one.

It was a photo of her legs and buttocks that inspired her nickname: “Texas Thighs,” which is also her username on social media. That one photo instantly made her an online sensation that didn’t even include her face, but it somehow became her identity. “One day we saw this girl as little as me and Nick said to me, ‘I don’t see why you can’t do the same if you want,'” she told Jam Press. “After more jokes and discussions, we decided to give it a faceless try.

I started posting booty and front pictures without my face and used Instagram posts to inspire us. After a month, I had 15,000 followers, ”she said. Speaking of her earlier days as cleane4r, besides taking care of her teenage daughters, Courtney said, “My days have been busy, stressful and tiring.” She added, “My husband, I went to work very early so I fed the girls , loaded the car with detergents and gadgets, and then brought them to school.

“Then I cleaned a house, ran to the store or ran other errands, picked up the girls, did activities after school, did housework, made dinner and then finally took a little break with them and the man.” He was at home. I still loved my life. I loved my family and loved the fact that I could design my lessons and still be there for my daughters’ school supplies, but I always wanted to do something more creative and exciting. A little more me than a woman. “

Courtney Ann’s husband and daughters were happy with their new careers, but not so much with their extended family. “Somebody sent my mom a picture of the page and she called me and said, ‘What are Texas Thighs?’ That was three months after we started the site. She was very upset on the phone. Based on my childhood, I expected it to be a bit of a surprise and they just wouldn’t look at it and we would move on hadn’t told them because it was a hobby at the time and we are still figuring it out for ourselves.

“No matter what I said, they made up their minds – but so did I. And that wasn’t something I was going to give up,” said Courtney. She said her family came to her home when she was home alone and she had to call the police because she did not feel safe. “It escalated – I love my parents, but I really didn’t feel like they were going to stop or calm down,” she added. Her relationship with her family is not ideal, but she has no regrets. In the six months since her new career began, Courtney made enough money to quit her cleaning job. She has now successfully exchanged the mop for sexy lingerie.

Her husband Nick is now working on her marketing, management and photography. She says the job helped improve her finances and she makes $ 480,000 annually. Her relationships with her daughters have improved, and she has more time and money to devote to fun activities as a family. You can check out Courtney Ann’s content on OnlyFans, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Clapper, and Fansoda.

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