Thursday, May 12, 2022

Temptation Island Season 4: Fans say Trace “goes into trauma” while Lascelles acts clueless

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Lascelles and Trace are both confused, according to their fans

In Temptation Island Season 4 Episode 9, we see Lascelles confess his feelings to Trace. A party was being held at his mansion and Lascelles felt like he was falling in love with Trace in the middle of it. He woke up the next morning with an overwhelming desire to tell her how he felt and how much he loved her, but he also mentioned that he was going through a psychological conflict. He confessed his feelings to Trace, but the two happened to get into an argument.

When Mark finally tells the men and women to choose their last date in the episode, Lascelles is confused because he thinks Trace would reject him even if he chooses her, but Trace says yes. On their date, Lascelles gets the impression that Trace doesn’t want to be a part of his life, which worries him. The two chat towards the end of the show, and Lascelles revealed that he wants to be with Trace, who stated that they wanted to start things as friends. It looks like they’re both confused, and here’s what fans are saying about their equation.


One fan tweeted: “The Book Of Lascelles Part 29197 I love you but I love her but idk but like love…you know” #TemptationIsland.” Another fan says: “Trace and Laselles (or whatever his name is) are both annoying af. Get her off the screen! #TemptationIsland.”

Lascelles is confused with his whole situation and fans consider him clueless and indecisive. One fan wrote: “Reassurance? LaSalles has a problem with words. Because this woman doesn’t look CALM in the situation you put her in. With your indecisive butt. #TemptationIsland.” “Lascelles is so clueless. #TemptationIsland”. Another fan mentioned, “Lascelles explains to Trace what he’s going to do #TemptationIsland.”

Even now, fans are getting annoyed with Lascelles and Trace, as one of the fans tweeted, “Okay I’m done with Trace and Lacelles I don’t want to see them anymore #TemptationIsland,” read another fan post, “The producers didn’t do it . I’m not doing a good job showing the singles this season. I don’t understand some of these bindings. Like Trac and Lascelles. #temptationtv #TemptationIslandUSA #TemptationIsland.”

One fan said: “Trace, you sound like Hania right now. chill 7 years trace. 7 years. Give my husband some time to collect himself.”

“Follow if you’re traumatized from past relationships then the last thing you need is a dating show #TemptationIsland,” wrote another social media user. “Trace, you came to a show to go out with another friend and you’re worried about how you’ve been treated in the past?? @TemptationTV,” one viewer asked. Another fan tweeted: “Trace why do you go into the trauma then. Why are you even on the show? A man in a relationship who haunts you says trauma to me. Stand up!!! It’s been 7 years you can’t take it he seriously says #TemptationIsland.”

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