Friday, September 23, 2022

‘Teen Mom’ star Cheyenne Floyd’s ex Cory Wharton hit out after fans spotted 5-year-old daughter riding in car without a seatbelt

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“Corey wasn’t buckled at all, so don’t be surprised that he probably didn’t secure hers,” said one user

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Cheyenne Floyd’s ex Cory Wharton was slammed by ‘Teen Mom’ viewers after seeing her daughter Ryder without a seat belt. The five-year-old was seen strapped into a booster seat with the seat belt tucked behind her back.

A ‘Teen Mom’ fan recorded an episode of the long-running show and uploaded it to Reddit. “I’m sorry for another one of these posts, but UGH… It’s bad enough that she’s in backup, let alone not even wearing the chest strap,” the Redditor said. Ryder, 5, is shown in the back seat of Cheyenne’s ex and her father, Cory Wharton, in the vehicle.


The comment thread quickly filled with concerns for Ryder and complaints against the parents. Someone wrote: “Yikes. If they get into a wreck and she’s strapped down like that, she’ll get seriously hurt.” Further calling out to Cory on the situation, another fan commented, “Corey wasn’t strapped in at all so not surprised he probably wasn’t securing hers. A third viewer added, “The lack of car seat safety on this show is appalling.” One fan even criticized MTV for not posting disclaimers or using this as an opportunity to raise awareness: “Mtv may be throwing up one of their disclaimers or get any of them to go to a car seat clinic. You could spread so much awareness and choose not to. Scenes like this make other people think it’s not that bad, and everyone does.”

However, some fans came to Cheyenne’s defense and made clear about Ryder driving in her father’s car: “I just watched that episode and that was when she was in Cory’s car! So his fault isn’t hers.” However, some fans weren’t about to let Cheyenne off the hook so easily, with one commenting, “Fair enough, if I wasn’t with my baby daddy I’d ask him about car seat safety. I saw that Chey didn’t buckle her properly. It’s amazing how they all suck at car seat safety🤯.”

Expecting Cory to understand that Ryder was already tall enough for the car seat she was in, one fan wrote, “She’s 5. I really doubt she’s really tall enough for just a booster seat. She should at least be in a high-back booster seat, I believe. Make it better Cory 😔.” Further pointing out that the situation is against the law, another concerned fan commented, “She’s about 5 years old now. She’s in a booster, she’s not buckled up. This is a subpoena if you get caught The laws are about the same Most states have a fairly low minimum time to go from harness to booster and only one ticket if you get caught doing something wrong In my state there is There are much higher penalties for not driving on the phone than for not using the correct seat.

Zach Davis, Cheyenne’s fiancé, was also attacked by a fan. “Booster is the least of this kid’s worries. If I were Chey and made the decision to stick with a wipe, I would get the kid a bulletproof vest,” the fan said, alluding to the shooting that nearly killed her and her family. A gunman opened fire on the reality star, her two children, Ryder and Ace, and Zach in her car.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Season 1 is currently airing on MTV with new episodes every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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