Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Teddy bears left for Queen Elizabeth just got the cutest palace farewell before Camilla Parker Bowles donates them

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Paddington Bear cuddly toys left in honor of Queen Elizabeth II after her death on September 8th are being given a new home. Camilla Parker Bowles is giving them out at an upcoming charity event. But before that, the bears got a funny farewell.

The teddy bears were linked to Queen Elizabeth in the months leading up to her death. In June 2022, she appeared in a video alongside the beloved character. It was one of the many special things that honored the Queen’s 70-year accession to the throne.

In the clip, Queen Elizabeth and Paddington Bear sat down for tea. It ended with a heartwarming “Thank you ma’am for everything.”

When Queen Elizabeth died, among the many tributes left by mourners were Paddington Bear stuffed animals. Prince William even joked that Paddington Bear “pushed the corgi off the top” (via Daily Mail), adding that the Queen’s dogs “don’t take it very well.” The now Prince of Wales also admitted to getting unexpectedly emotional over the teddy bear tributes.

In a Nov. 18 tweet, the royal family shared some hilarious pictures of Paddington Bear at Buckingham Palace and Clarence House.

One photo showed four bears coming out with an old-fashioned suitcase. Another had Paddington Bear in a library next to a copy of Michael Bonds Paddington takes a bath. In another, he slid down a railing. And finally, the bear sat on a bench with artwork in the background.

“We had a lovely stay at Clarence House and Buckingham Palace (we do our best to avoid mischief…)” read the caption. “Looking forward to arriving at our new homes next week!”

The post ended with a link to the Royal Family’s website and The Paddington Project.

So what happens to the teddy bears bequeathed to Queen Elizabeth? The royal family announced shortly after her death that she had been donated to Barnado’s, a children’s charity. Now the day has come.

The Queen’s consort is attending a ‘special teddy bear picnic’, according to The Paddington Project. On November 24th, Thanksgiving, Camilla Paddington Bear will be giving away teddy bears – and other “cuddly toys” – for the Queen.

The event will take place at Barnardo’s Bow Nursery in London, England. Camilla, who took over from Queen Elizabeth as Barnardo’s patron in 2016, is supported by children supported by the charity.

The staff will also be there, as well as some other special guests. Paddington Stars like Hugh Bonneville and Madeleine Harris will also be there, alongside Bond’s daughter Karen Jankel.

Jam sandwiches, a nod to the character, will be on the menu. A total of 1,000 bears are expected to be donated.

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