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Tamra judge says she told producer not to share claims about Heather Dubrow

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Real Housewives of Orange County stars Heather Dubrow and Noella Bergener had their fair share of troubles during the show’s sixteenth season. As fans know, Bergener claimed that Heather pushed a member of the production team after she found out that Shannon Beador had filed a lawsuit against Nicole Weiss James against her husband, Dr. Terry had brought up Dubrow. Heather has repeatedly refuted the claims.

During a June 2022 episode of Jeff Lewis’ SiriusXM’s radio show “Jeff Lewis Live,” the “Flipping Out” star asked his guest, “RHOC” alum Tamra Judge, about the allegations against Heather.

“There were rumors that the night Weiss, Nicole Weiss, when she brought the alleged lawsuit against Terry, there were rumors that they didn’t react very well behind the scenes … but Terry and Heather were very, very.” angry about it producer and aggressive, from what I’ve even heard, physically aggressive,” Lewis said.

The judge replied that “there are many rumors” about the situation.

“You never know what to believe. I mean, Noella talked about it and it shut down pretty quickly, and I don’t know, I think where there’s smoke there’s fire. I’ve never personally experienced Heather as physical, I’ve never seen that side of her, and when Noella mentioned it, no one else was supporting her, makes you wonder if it really happened? explained the former Bravo star.

She also confirmed that a former executive producer of “RHOC” left the show after its sixteenth season.

“I heard the executive producer isn’t coming back. And I don’t know if Heather had anything to do with it. But even with The Housewives, every few years there’s a different executive producer, there’s a new executive producer,” said Vena CBD co-founder.

Former Judge co-star Kelly Dodd stopped by during the Jeff Lewis Live interview. Dodd claimed a former executive producer named Thomas Kelly contacted her, Judge, and Beador.

“Thomas Kelly called all of us, the producer, and he said to each and every one of us, and to Shannon, to me, I don’t know what he said to you, Tamra, but I think he said the same thing — this one Heather Dubrow pushed him, that Terry pushed him against the wall. He said she was devilish – Heather Dubrow was and everyone was afraid of her,” Dodd said.

She then explained that the judge warned Kelly not to share his allegations.

“Thomas Kelly said that and I know Thomas Kelly wants it out and I think that’s what Thomas Kelly said, Tamra said don’t go and talk about it publicly because it’s going to ruin your career,” said the 46-year-old .

The judge confirmed that she encouraged Kelly not to speak publicly about the situation.

“I did. I just told him it’s just for the best – he was very heated. He got fired. He thinks she’s the reason for it. And I told him, you know, it’s just for the best if “You don’t talk about it publicly because it will affect your career at Bravo. He got a new job at Netflix but I said if that really happened then people like that get what they deserve,” shared the Vena CBD founder .

Dodd went on to say that she “absolutely believes[s]”Kelly.

“Thomas isn’t someone who lies, he wasn’t someone who lies. And we all think that together [the production company] evolution [Media] was the one protecting the Dubrows and didn’t tell Bravo exactly what happened because it’s all weird to me that this all came out because evolution has to do with it [Terry Dubrow’s show] ‘Boped up,'” said the former RHOC star.

Dodd shared similar information about Kelly during a May 2022 YouTube video.

“I’ve been getting gossip, my old executive producer, Thomas Kelly, won’t be on ‘Orange County,’ he called us all and said ‘Heather Dubrow is the devil,'” the former reality TV star said.

She also noted that she wanted Kelly to film a video with her to talk about his experiences working with Dubrow.

“I would really, really love it if Thomas Kelly came on my show and explained what a nightmare and how scared everyone was of Heather. And Bravo put all their eggs in one basket and scared them not to do it again,” Dodd said.

The judge discussed her Jeff Lewis Live interview during a June 2022 episode of her Two Ts In A Pod podcast, co-hosted by former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp. While taping the episode, the former RHOC star shared that she was surprised by Dodd’s performance.

“[Lewis] says we have a special caller while we’re live and it’s Kelly Dodd and I’m looking at Jeff like you really don’t want me to come back to Bravo do you? And Kelly went in hard. ‘Tamra is politically correct’ and Kelly just walked out, I was like a mouse, I was like I couldn’t be a part of this conversation,” Judge shared.

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