Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Tamra Judge opens up about Shannon Beador’s split from John Janssen

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In January 2023, Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador and her boyfriend of three years, John Janssen, announced they had split. Following the announcement, Janssen was photographed in the company of an unidentified woman at The Quiet Woman restaurant in Newport Beach as reported by Reality Blurb. As fans of RHOC know, Beador often dines at the facility.

While taping the Jan. 17 episode of her podcast, Two Ts In A Pod, co-hosted by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alumnus Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, Beador’s RHOC co-star Tamra Judge shared her thoughts on the one theme with. She noted that she believed Janssen intentionally went to a restaurant that Beador frequents regularly. Richter also criticized Janssen’s performance.

“John Janssen has been spotted with a few different women since December 17, three so far so clearly he’s dating, I don’t know if they’re friends, he doesn’t really look that great but the one thing is that he’s been spotted on The Quiet Woman, he doesn’t really look that good,” said the reality TV personality.

Arroyave then asked if the judge thought Janssen was “such a big ad********” as Beador’s ex-husband David Beador.

“I wouldn’t have thought so, at the moment it looks very much like it, yes. Are these girls friends of his? We do not know it. You can take a picture of everyone and then suddenly you make all sorts of conclusions, so it looks suspicious, that’s for sure… It doesn’t look good and of course, what does it do? It only hurts Shannon,” Judge replied.

During taping of the Jan. 17 episode of Two Ts In A Pod, Judge revealed that RHOC personality Vicki Gunvalson has shared her support after splitting with Beador. She explained that she, Gunvalson and Beador texted each other in a group chat. The judge shared that the Coto Insurance founder sent a video of herself in Mexico to help Beador feel better.

“Vicki says, ‘Hey Shannon, don’t worry’, it’s so hilarious, she’s lying on the beach in Mexico, ‘look at this, that’s what life is about, trust me. I’ve cried for men for years and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter, get over it.’ I mean, she was trying to be nice, she said, “He’s going to move on, you’re going to move on.” But it was kind of a hilarious video of Vicki, who’s been through quite a few breakups,” said Judge, laughing.

The judge also discussed Beador’s split from Janssen during the January 13 episode of “Two Ts In A Pod.” She revealed she has been a source of support to Beador while navigating their breakup.

“I feel really bad for her, I was on the phone to her all the time, I texted her this morning, it had just come out more and she’s just heartbroken, she cries all the time and I’m on the phone to her” said Judge.

The reality TV personality revealed that Beador decided to make a public announcement about their split after bloggers leaked the information. The judge also noted that the former couple had “issues” during their relationship. She clarified that “John was always nice [her].” She also claimed that the 59-year-old did not cheat on Beador.

“I don’t know John as a cheater at all. No no no no no. I’ve never, ever, never heard of him cheating, never… As far as I know he hasn’t cheated, she’s never seen him cheat, she would tell me trust me,” shared the RHOC star with.

The Vena CBD co-owner also revealed that she “heard that [Janssen] is having a very difficult time,” due to fan reactions on social media.

“They almost always side with the housewife,” Judge explained.

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