Thursday, January 26, 2023

Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp slam Karen Huger’s claims that Juan Dixon is attracted to her

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In a recent episode of Apple Podcast Two Ts In A Pod, Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge opened up about how Karen Huger’s claim on RHOP that Juan Dixon fantasized about her was essentially a lie .

Teddi asked Tamra, “Do you really think Juan has some sort of fantasy about Karen?” To which Tamra replied, “Karen? No Karen Maybe it’s just a wish.” Teddi added to Tamra’s sentence, “I don’t think of all the women out there if Juan Dixon would have a threesome. I just don’t think you will be.”


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Teddi and Tamra continued, “Karen is a bit of witch poop. She really films herself. She thinks she’s the shit. Apparently, she even said one night that Juan hugged her so tightly that her butt kicked her back.” They went on to say that maybe Juan should apologize to Robyn first before thinking about the TV show because it’s already been through his previous ones actions was violated and should then confront Karen about it.

Teddi also claimed that they observed that “Karen is always after Robyn. She’s the only one who keeps asking about the marriage. She digs deep. She wants to drive Robyn to the abyss.” While Tamra said she has “mixed feelings” and said she disagrees because maybe it’s Karen’s job because if “you’re going to be on the show, you have to talk about it. Robyn keeps it a secret and then drops little bombs.” Teddi replied, “But you could easily have this conversation between Robyn and Jiselle or someone you know who would ultimately take care of the wedding.”

The drama will continue, the discussions will continue, let’s wait for the next episode of the podcast to catch up.

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