Thursday, September 22, 2022

‘Taeil Deserves Better’: 7 seconds of screentime in NCT 127’s main singer’s music video has angered fans

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A clip showing the cameraman moving from Taeil to the other members while singing the climax of “2 Baddies” has fans heartbroken

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: NCT 127 are back in the middle of their world tour with their album ‘2 Baddies’ and fans are ecstatic. However, SM’s inability to be fair to all members is once again put in the spotlight as this time it’s the Taeil fans who are angry. In recent years we’ve seen NCT 127 members like Johnny and Yuta being marginalized. Well, for the music video for ‘2 Baddies’, lead singer Taeil only got 7 seconds of screen time.

When K-pop fans talk about the industry’s main singers, Taeil is always one of the idols that gets mentioned. Fans also love seeing him belt out his high notes, like in the “Kick It” music video, which happened to be the highlight. And since Taeil is also one of the main vocalists of the 23-piece group NCT, even the haters never question his talent. And so, another clip of the cameraman moving away from Taeil as he sings his high note in “2 Baddies” infuriates fans.


Main singer Taeil only gets 7 seconds of screen time

On September 18, NCT 27 fans began #TaeilDeservesBetter after seeing how dejected he looked after reacting to the “2 Baddies” music video with the rest of NCT 127. In the behind-the-scenes clip he shared himself, we can clearly see Taeil filming the part where he sings his high note, which had fans wondering why it was cut. Aside from his 7 second screen time, fans also pointed out that SM doesn’t let him release his own music. NCTzens (NCT’s fans) brought back the time a friend shared on social media about how Taeil made his own music and asked SM to allow him to release it. Well, fans are upset on behalf of the lead singer and have caused an uproar on Twitter.

One NCTzen commented, “I bet he was expecting me to be so sorry taeil :(.” Another was left frustrated, “To be honest I don’t want him to hold back his feelings… do you think that someone.” who’s so determined to sing his lungs out deserves this? Take it easy. I’m here, Taeil. I don’t know if you’re okay, but I don’t want that to happen again.”, remarked an NCTzen , “His screen time is less than the maximum video length that can be posted in a story you stupid SM.” As the cameraman moved away from him while he sang his high note, another fan said, “Taeil is an angel because I would absolutely ruin everyone’s day after some shit like that.”

One fan wrote: “Every year Taeil talks about how much he loves her new song and looks forward to the MV. He spends as much time on set as everyone else and year after year his efforts and hard work are not properly shown. Another NCtzen wrote: “MV 2 baddies (질주) Time 244 seconds (4.04 min.) Taeil’s total time 7 seconds This is from No.1 Entertainment? #TaeilDeservesBetter.” One fan tweeted: “TAeil worked as hard as everyone else who was there to shoot the MV just because his footage didn’t make it into the music video. It’s particularly unfair since Taeil is the main singer :/.”

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