Sunday, December 5, 2021

Taco Bells Thanksgiving Day 2021 hours: is it open or closed?

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Would you like to grab some crispy tacos or a bean burrito for Thanksgiving at Taco Bell? Whether you just need a little extra food at the end of the day or just want to have tacos for Thanksgiving, you might be wondering if Taco Bell is open on November 25th, 2021. Read on for all the details.

According to the Taco Bell website, the chain is closed on Thanksgiving. It’s also closed on Christmas Day, but can be open on Christmas Eve.

There is always the possibility that a rare store is open. In the past, a representative told Heavy that decisions about whether or not to close stores on Thanksgiving are made store-to-store, rather than chain-wide. Most of the stores remain closed, however. Click here to find the Taco Bell closest to you and to see today’s opening times and the exact reopening of the store on Friday. Or go here for a full list of locations per state.

There are many other options for fast food, although Taco Bell is closed. For example, Whataburger is open on Thanksgiving, if there is one in your area. And Cracker Barrel is open nationwide, serving holiday dishes for those who don’t want to cook at home. Other restaurants that may be open include Golden Corral, Waffle House, Ruby Tuesday’s, and even some Popeyes (select restaurants).

When you return to Taco Bell you’ll want to take advantage of one of the seasonal deals.

From November 30th through December 23rd, Taco Bell is offering 24 Days of Cravings, a representative of Taco Bell shared with Heavy.

Taco Bell noted: “Taco Bell Rewards members can exclusively redeem a daily digital offer for the 24 Days of Cravings promotion in the Taco Bell app. The 24 Days of Cravings Promo includes free menu deals with eligible purchases, product discounts, bonus loyalty points on your order, and more! Each offer is valid once a day. “

Taco Bell’s Taco Shop has also released a Christmas collection which you can view here. The winter collection includes ski suits, onesies, hats and more. At the moment the items are a Ski Overall with Sauce Package, a Taco Bell x Tipsy Elves Mild Sauce Package Onesie, a Taco Bell Christmas Sweater, a ‘Gather Round the Fire Sauce’ T-Shirt, a Numero Uno Snow Globe Holiday Pajama Set, a Taco Bell hat, a Taco Bell ornament set, “12 Days of Socks”, Taco Bell pillows and more.

Then there will only be up to 30% discount on certain parts of last-chance goods on Cyber ​​Monday.

Also on Cyber ​​Monday, Taco Bell commented, “Fans will have access to time-limited digital offers available on the Taco Bell app and website. The offers are exchanged every three hours and contain classic menu items that fans can get hold of at great discounts! “

So on Cyber ​​Monday be sure to take a close look at the Taco Bell app and website. Every three hours, something new will pop up that you might want to grab while it’s available.

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