Saturday, January 21, 2023

Susan Lucci turns 76! In the eternal marriage of the timeless beauty with the late husband Helmut Huber

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LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK: Veteran actress and dancer Susan Lucci turns 76! The evergreen beauty continues to prove that age is just a number with her timeless looks and steady career moves. Even after all these years, Lucci’s secret to healthy skin seems to be the discipline she takes with her routine. But that is not all! Through her long marriage to her late husband Helmut Huber, the ‘All My Children’ actress is a happy mother of two children, Lisa, 47, and Andreas, and a loving grandmother of five grandchildren.

Lucci’s sleek look in her 70s turned millions of eyes and she credits it to her health and wellness routine. “If you train hard, you can offset some of what’s going against you,” the actress explained, according to Amomama. She has also repeatedly insisted that “70 is the new 40” and that she keeps learning, growing, and pushing herself to do something new every day. Lucci has expressed her desire to be in front of the camera for as long as possible and too soon to return to Broadway.


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Lucci’s personal life was also nothing short of perfect. Lucci and Helmut Huber married in 1969 and remained happily together until his death in March 2022 at the age of 84. The actress took a backseat after his death, but she still loves him today. For Huber’s birthday in October, she also uploaded a photo of herself holding a piece of cake with a birthday candle. The late Austrian television producer would have been 85 years old.

Lucci also revealed the secret to a long and lasting marriage. Comparing it to a skincare routine, she says, “I think it’s like taking care of your skin. I think you just do a little bit every day. You do something good every day and you remind yourself every day why you fell in love, so don’t lose sight of that and tell him.”

Lucci was last seen co-hosting Good Day NY and was a TV commentator for the 80th Golden Globe Awards. Through her hard work and dedication to her personal and professional goals, she continues to be a role model for all.

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