Sunday, June 26, 2022

Survivor winner Maryanne Oketch extends a heartfelt thank you to the cast

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It was revealed Wednesday that 24-year-old Canadian seminary student Maryanne Oketch had won “Survivor 42” in a landslide 7-1-0 vote, beating out co-finalists Mike Turner and Romeo Escobar to become the second black female winner Story of the “Survivors”.

In light of her near-historic win, Maryanne took to social media to deliver some heartwarming messages to her former castmates, with whom she appears to have grown closer since her win almost a year ago.

Here’s what you should know:

In an Instagram post Friday celebrating her victory, Maryanne posted a collage of photos of herself alongside various former tribesmen (and non-tribes) accompanied by a thank you message specifically addressed to a select few.

“THANK YOU,” she wrote, “to my new family!!! The ones I’ve seen (legally) in the last 24 hours and the ones I haven’t seen yet! … I am so blessed to have met each and every one of you, pictured or not, and you NEVER are. get rid of me!!”

As for Lydia Meredith, with whom she had a brief and fleeting alliance during the game (although the two had voted for each other during the one time they visited Tribal together), Maryanne dubbed the “Granny Alliance” (because of their relatively old-fashioned names). , although both are in their early 20s), she thanked her “for giving me grace even when I didn’t deserve it.”

Jenny Kim, a shipwrecked woman she never met during the game, thanked Maryanne for “being a queen and an icon and one of our bereft goddesses”.

She thanked 31-year-old Lindsay Dolashewich, her Taku 4 partner who placed her in the final 5, “for being a sister, a role model, and so strong and powerful and never wavers in her beliefs.”

Maryanne thanked Daniel Strunk, another castaway who she met after filming finished but with whom she had apparently bonded since filming ended, for “being so nice and always checking on me and the contract like that.” had read extensively, as I didn’t have to,” apparently taking advantage of his legal skills.

And finally, Maryanne thanked 22-year-old Zach Wurtenberger, on whom Maryanne famously had a crush before he was first voted out, for being “a friendly confidante” as well as being his “sacrifice” in being the first voted out. “I love you so much,” she wrote, “and will always be in your debt for your role in triggering the most unlikely cascade of events.”

Since their time together on the show, Maryanne and Zach have developed a strong friendship; Although they did not date, another boy who fit Zach’s profile approached her during the season’s airing and expressed his interest in her. Now he and Maryanne are the ones in a relationship.

Finally, she thanked her runner-up Mike Turner for “loving me unconditionally both on and off the island.” On Thursday, Maryanne also posted a joint Instagram collage with Mike’s daughter Chelsea, who she has become friends with since the show aired. Plus, Maryanne even attended Mike’s recent wedding, actually introduced her First time there as a couple. Maryanne later referred to Mike as her “island father” and herself as his “island daughter”.

In her Instagram post, Mike’s real daughter, Chelsea, congratulated Maryanne on her win, adding that she “[won] a place in all [T]Hearts of Uri ❤️.”

Maryanne also penned a celebratory post on Friday, thanking her fans (whom she dubbed “Marystannes”) and adding that “there will be MANY more” thank you posts to come. Undoubtedly, Maryanne’s uplifting personality translated well to screen, and with that kind of social grace it’s no wonder she was able to pull off such a dominating victory.

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