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“Survivor” Season 43 Spoilers: 1 scene could foreshadow the fate of Karla and Cassidy

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Only three women stay inside survivor Season 43, and since they’re up against five men, the odds are against it. Fans have criticized this season for its injustice to the female castaways and don’t believe the three remaining women stand a chance of winning. And a scene that potentially contains survivor Season 43 spoilers may have predicted the in-game demise of Karla Cruz Godoy and Cassidy Clark.

[Spoiler alert: This article may include spoilers from Survivor Season 43 on CBS.]

survivor In Season 43, Episode 9, there were two tribal councils where the castaways voted out two men – James Jones and Ryan Medrano. So the three women who are still in the game – Karla, Cassidy and Noelle Lambert – still have a chance to win.

Karla and Cassidy started out with the Coco tribe along with James, Ryan, Geo Bustamante and Lindsay Carmine. And after the previous episode, they are the only two Coco players left survivor season 43

Karla and Cassidy have been working together since the beginning. They had an alliance with Lindsay, which collapsed after she became paranoid. And although Karla has formed alliances with others, she has always remained loyal to Cassidy. We don’t expect that to change in the upcoming episodes, but we do wonder if their closeness will be their downfall.

A fan started a Reddit thread on the survivor Spoiler page to share a theory they have about Karla and Cassidy in Season 43. You posted screenshots of a scene from Episode 8 with Karla and Cassidy. Cassidy wondered why anyone would want to “take big, strong guys to the end.” She added: “I just don’t know what a great strategy that is. That won’t get you the million.”

The Reddit user speculated that this scene foreshadowed “Cassidy or Karla as a lost finalist.”

One fan commented, “I think Cassidy gets the Victoria Baamonde/Lindsay Dolashewich treatment and is the first to get booted in the final episode.”

“Yeah I think I’m 50/50 if Cassidy gets fifth or a finalist that goes down,” added another person. “I’d love for her to win, but I get a little whiff of [Winners at War] Michele with her where the edit looks like she wants you to cheer her on to survivebut not necessarily to win.”

However, some fans don’t believe that Karla would suffer the same fate as Cassidy if she made the final three.

One Reddit user wrote: “It could still happen, but so far we haven’t seen anything in the edit that shows us why Karla would lose a jury vote. At least in the new era we didn’t have any [final three] Losers who we haven’t shown why they lost. I could see Karla going out in the next few episodes or I could even see her losing fire and being the last juror. But I don’t think she’s an underdog finalist – at least not yet.”

Maybe that potential survivor Season 43 spoilers only affect Cassidy.

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Of course, we don’t know if the scene between Karla and Cassidy contains any survivor Season 43 spoilers leading up to the finale. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Cassidy makes it into the last three and loses. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time survivor The editors included moments to anticipate the endgame of the season.

The only other player who heavily mentioned her as a possible voice was Ryan, and he’s gone. So we can see Cassidy slip past each tribal council unscathed. But given the editing, we don’t see her win survivor Season 43. She didn’t take big steps and got very little screen time.

But for Karla, she is either voted out before the last tribal council or she wins. Karla is undoubtedly one of the frontrunners from the get-go, and we’d be shocked if the jury didn’t give her the Sole Survivor title.

survivor Season 43, Episode 10, “Get That Money, Baby,” airs Wednesday, November 23 at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS. And fans can check out the showbiz cheat sheet to learn more survivor Season 43 spoilers.

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