Monday, October 25, 2021

“Survivor” season 41, episode 4: JD eliminated, fans say he “played a terrible game”

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The “intelligent” JD isn’t that smart after all, as he keeps making stupid decisions in “Survivor” on CBS

‘Survivor’ season 41 returned with its fourth episode, and it was perhaps the best yet. The survival show, in which 16 participants in groups of six from three tribes are stranded on an island, entertains time and again with all the intrigue, deviousness, alliances and friendships that the tribal members form to stay competitive.

In the previous episode, the Green tribe was represented on the Tribal Council after failing to get a seat on the immunity challenge. The vote was for elimination and it was Brad who was kicked to the curb despite two advantages. So far the Blue Tribe has been at the top in the last episode without having to go to the Tribal Council once. The tribe of the Yellow is meanwhile still under-challenged and hardly manages to master challenges.


Episode 4, titled “They Hate Me Because You’re Not Me,” saw some interesting developments, but none like de-voting JD. The green tribe, after losing the immunity challenge, made their way to the tribal council again. Throughout the episode, tribal members have been hinting that they want to kick Genie out. Suspicious from the start, Genie considered throwing the dice in the dark, a risk that threatened to thwart its elimination. The drama happened when the other three pals – JD, Shantel, and Ricard, who apparently all agreed that Genie would leave, they pulled back and voted JD off instead. One of the minds behind it was Shantel, who in one rather cunning move convinced JD to give her his advantage to hold on, and displayed false paranoia. Just like previous tribal comrade Brad, JD went blind in a gruesome elimination. Fans of the show thought this was funny as he had been fooled before. For a fan of ‘Survivor’, JD acted pretty stupid. This is how the fans reacted:

One viewer commented: “JD PLAYED A TERRIBLE GAME. Deserved to go home. What idiot is giving up an advantage? Lol #Survivor “. Another fan said, “JD finds out Karma really is a slut @survivorcbs #survivor # survivor41”. One user commented: “I don’t have a guilty conscience for sb. He’s made numerous bad decisions. #Survivor”

One viewer said, “Fool me once, be ashamed. Let me fool twice, be ashamed.” JD deserves to be voted out there. He even admitted that the last time he was played by Shan and still trusted her this week. Now she has his extra voice. Just a real stuffy game. #Survivor “. Another user said,” JD is going home and probably making the stupidest move we’ll see this season, and perhaps the 10 silliest moves in #Survivor history. # Survivor41 “. A fan said,” Bye JD! It finally happened #Survivor # Survivor41 “.

‘Survivor’ Season 41 returns to CBS with a new episode every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST.

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