Wednesday, October 27, 2021

‘Survivor’ Season 41, Episode 4: Fans Praise Shan for ‘Bad Train’ that kicked JD out

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Pastor Shantel, a woman of God, was spotted playing a diabolical game on Survivor on CBS

It’s Wednesday night and ‘Survivor’ is back for another scandalous episode. In the previous episode, Green tribe member Brad was voted out of office. The blue stem remains promising, with green coming close while the yellow stem stayed on the lower end.

Episode 4 started with a reward challenge where players have to roll a ball down a lane and whip it through a small rope course to catch it on the other side. They then have to dig their way through the sand to crawl under a beam before landing their balls on a high platform at the end. The second was the immunity challenge, where the trunks had to swim and drag three sacks of blocks onto the bank that gave them a key to the rings they had to clamp. While blue and green initially took the lead, yellow was able to catch up and finished first, blue finished second. Failing his immunity, the green tribe had to go to the tribal council again.


‘Survivor’ season 41: release date, spoilers, and all about the CBS reality show

After the green tribe lost the immunity challenge, they returned straight to the tribal council for a second straight week. What happened was a shocking development when JD von Green, who thought they would collectively vote out his tribal comrade Genie, was the one to leave instead. All of this came as a surprise, but not so much as it turned out that her tribal colleague Shan was undecided and was playing a game of her own. It was previously shown that before they went to the polls that night, she made an ingenious move to feign paranoia around JD to make him believe she was afraid he was in league with Genius. As a vote of confidence, she asked JD to put his advantage in safekeeping. The idiot made the mistake of doing this SECOND TIME. He even admitted beforehand that he was deceived by her, but went ahead and gave her the extra voice. What followed was JD getting 3 votes while Genie got one that essentially solidified his exit. The fans were entertained by Shan’s big move she was secretly making. They called her reckless and applauded her, which made for an exciting episode. This is how the fans reacted.

One user said, “Damn it was inconsiderate by Shan. I love to watch a cutthroat game. #Survivor”. One fan commented, “Shan plays such a great game. I love her #Survivor # Survivor41”. Another viewer said, “I love Shan and I hope this was the right move for her.

One fan said, “Shan has played a good game so far. She controls everything on Ua. Besides that, she’s already lied to people three times in the face. I wonder why people still trust her and how long she can keep that on. # Survivor “. Another viewer commented,” This was an objectively great move for Shan # Survivor. “A fan also said,” I’m sad that JD is gone … but I loved that evil Shan move so much that he really dulls the sting #Survivor ”

‘Survivor’ Season 41 returns to CBS with a new episode every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST.

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