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Survivor 43 fans miss castaways playing their idols

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survivor made many changes but kept idols. However, castaways use them less, and fans are noticing. Find out what fans have to say about the latest Tribal Council and its idols.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Survivor Season 43 Episode 10, “Get That Money, Baby.”]

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The episode “Get That Money, Baby” saw Noelle Lambert pull off an impressive victory in the rewards challenge. She then chose Owen Knight, Jesse Lopez and Sami Layadi to spend a night sleeping comfortably in a bed, eating food and reading letters from home.

That left Karla Cruz, Cassidy Clark, Mike Gabler and Cody Assenmacher at camp. The next day, the group joined them and Jesse came up with a plan to vote Noelle out.

Gabler didn’t like that Jesse gave him a new plan right in front of the tribal council and talked about potentially turning against him. Jesse had, and still could have, Cody’s idol. Dwight Moore also gave him Jeanine’s idol.

Noelle and Owen wanted to vote Karla out and asked Jesse to bring Sami on board. Jesse later told Karla who has an idol.

But in the end, no one used their idol after knowing that someone was targeting them. Noelle was voted out as planned by Jesse.

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There are various perks in the game as well as idols. And although all the idols have been found, no one has successfully played one. Reddit fans had a lot to say about it.

“Seriously Q, when was the last time someone played an idol? It feels like it’s been ages,” one fan asked.

“Mike played one for Maryanne at Final 5 (or 6?) last season,” someone replied.

“Can we please idol soon,” wrote another with a crying emoji.

Although some people complained about this trend, there were some fans who sang the praises of castaways who didn’t play their idol. “Karla has balls of steel when she’s not playing her idol,” claimed one fan.

Some fans are complaining about how the game has changed. But they also just saw a winner walk away with an idol in hand.

Maryanne Oketch revealed to the judges in Season 42 that when Mike Turner voted Omar Zaheer out, she agreed to play his idol so she could make the final four. She then revealed how confident she was of making it to next week.

“I kept the only secret in this game,” she said. “Actually, after your vote, Tori had the merge idol. I can show you right now. And I haven’t told anyone about it.”

She held up the idol and the note as proof. The majority of the jury seemed shocked. The student went on to explain that she also agreed to take them all to the end.

So if Cody, Karla, and Jesse never play their idols, it could end up benefiting them. But fans might be disappointed with this strategy.
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