Tuesday, May 10, 2022

‘Summer House’ Reunion: Paige justifies calling the house ‘a brothel’ to joke with Lindsay

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“Paige is a perfect example of inflated ego! Ugly inside and out #SummerHouse’, say angry fans

The Summer House Season 6 reunion aired Monday at 9 p.m. on Bravo. If you thought the drama would be toned down in a reunion episode, you couldn’t be more wrong!

The reunion episode of this hit reality show saw plenty of death stares and pent-up beef between the cast members. For one, Paige had asked, “Is this house a brothel?” upon noticing Lindsay’s dating game; She was with several men at the same time. Additionally, Paige justified that particular comment and focused on the fact that Lindsay was busy in her personal life, which made everyone else uncomfortable. Amanda was also supportive of Paige, saying she’s just worried about Lindsay’s personal life, which has had a little too many men involved!


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Needless to say, Paige’s needless jibe was not appreciated by the show’s fans. Get a lot of what fans are talking about.

One fan said: “Paige is a perfect example of exaggerated ego! Ugly inside and out #SummerHouse,” while another shared, “Thanks Luke! Paige is full of shit and that brothel comment was bad! #summerhouse”. One fan tweeted: “I can understand why Lindsay was disappointed with Paige’s brothel comment. Lindsay was just having fun and she was ashamed of it. #SummerHouse,” while another said, “No one was slut-shaming but Paige compared Lindsay to dating multiple people in a brothel? #SummerHouse“.

One fan said: “Would have respected Paige if she’d told Lindsay what she said to her face behind her back instead of her fake ‘you’re measured in double standards’ bullshit. She literally called Lindsay a whore (brothel comment)… Where’s that energy in her face? #SummerHouse,” while another shared, “Yea! Talk about it, Danielle. Because you’re not shaming a slut, you’re doing brothel references?

One fan tweeted: “Suggesting they live in a brothel isn’t Amanda a bitch? share a brothel because lindsay brought a guy a few weeks ago? #SummerHouse”.

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The Summer House season 6 reunion aired Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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