Tuesday, November 29, 2022

‘Stranger Things’ star Noah Schnapp surprises a woman after none of the guests showed up at her birthday party

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Her daughter told how she invited more than 40 people to her home on Sunday to cook and clean for the guests who never arrived

Birthdays are usually associated with fun and frolics in the company of your closest friends and family and so one daughter was understandably upset to find her mother left alone on her birthday. The daughter, identified only as Addie, took to the popular streaming service TikTok and shared the ordeal, even admitting to “crying” over it. The TikToker explained how her mother invited more than 40 people to her home on Sunday October 9 to cook and clean for the guests, who never arrived. The clip eventually caught the attention of Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp after it went viral and garnered millions of views.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: A mother was sad after all the guests she invited to her birthday party didn’t show up, but a well-known TV star rushed to her rescue.


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“My mom threw herself a birthday party and invited over 40 people,” Addie said tearfully in the TikTok video, heartbroken. “It’s 5 p.m., no one showed up and it started at 4 p.m., I’m crying.” She added, “She cooked food and cleaned the whole house too.” The teen’s video made waves on the train platform before it caught the attention of Schnapp, who managed to save the day. “I am in! Happy birthday,” the actor wrote on TikTok after stumbling upon the video on his feed. Several TikTokers sympathized with the mother. “I will only show up for her, she deserves so much better,” one wrote to her,” added another. “This breaks my heart but she is so blessed to have you,” added another.

Addie later shared another video of her mother smiling and dancing as she received the celebrity’s birthday wishes. “Mom who only cares that Noah Schnapp knows she exists,” the teen joked, prompting jealous comments from Stranger Things fans. “It’s so elitist. I wish I was a mom right now,” wrote one. Addie previously commented on how distraught her mum was after all her friends didn’t show up on her special day. She said only six people responded to a Facebook party invitation, “and not even they showed up.”


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However, Addie shared an updated video of her and her sisters singing happy birthday to their mum to make the most of the celebrations. The birthday girl was seen blowing out candles on her cake while surrounded by her family. The unnamed mother also received an outpouring of love from TikTokers around the world. “Although only me and my sisters sang for her, I thank everyone who showed me and my mother so much love. I appreciate you all more than you know,” Addie wrote alongside the post. “Guys mom is fine she’s happy thanks for everything you guys said,” the teen added in another video, the New York Post reported.

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