Friday, December 2, 2022

‘Stone-faced’ Donald Trump has been spotted at daughter Tiffany’s and fiancé Michael Bolous’ wedding rehearsal

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Wearing a blue suit, Donald Trump attended the celebrations in a stern and matter-of-fact manner while his daughter Tiffany was all smiles

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA: Wedding bells are ringing for former US President Donald Trump’s daughter, Tiffany, and her fiancé, Lebanese businessman Michael Boulos. Trump seemed very willing to wholeheartedly shake his daughter’s hand in the man of her dreams. The business tycoon was spotted with his daughter and future husband at their wedding rehearsal at the family mansion in Mar-a-Lago, days before their upcoming nuptials on Saturday November 12.

Trump looked pretty stern and serious at the rehearsal as he walked alongside his daughter. TMZ reported that there will be four bridesmaids in the wedding reception and that they also received their marriage license on Tuesday, Nov. 8. The couple have been together since 2018 and Tiffany had her bridal shower in early November.


Tiffany looked very happy and beaming in a beautiful white and blue wedding rehearsal dress, with loose blonde hair and a big smile on her face. Her fiancé wore a pink t-shirt and cream trousers, while the bride’s father wore his usual blue suit with a white shirt underneath.

The Sun spoke to Elvira Grau, Tiffany’s girlfriend and co-founder of events company SPACE54, which is organizing the wedding. She said: “Tiffany was beaming! She was radiant and she looked beautiful. She was so excited and Michael’s mum was there too – she was an absolute delight. Everyone was so excited. There was no drama, just lots of love and excitement.”

She had also spoken out about Tiffany being treated like royalty. She sat on a throne while opening her presents in the shower. Participants made their own floral wreaths for the bridal shower and were also treated to a fantastic afternoon tea. There were finger sandwiches and a Tiffany Blue tiered cake.

“After that, Tiffany sat on this oversized throne in the middle of the courtyard and opened all of her beautiful gifts. She got a lot of beautiful things,” Elvira added, before laughing, “I’ve seen a lot of sexy lingerie and, I mean — well, what do you get a bride?” She then added, “I have a lot of lingerie and beautiful ones Seen things like this… great stuff.”

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