Friday, December 2, 2022

Steven Spielberg thought Maddie Ziegler should win an Oscar for music, according to Sia

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Maddie Ziegler may have started out as a competitive dancer, but in recent years she has turned to acting. The 20-year-old recently completed production bloody hell, her first feature film in which she starred. In recent years she has worked with Steven Spielberg on his interpretation of Westside Story. She also starred alongside Jenna Ortega in Failure. She also snagged the title role in Sia’s directorial debut for her film, music.

music met with rather harsh criticism. Many people felt the film was both ableistic and harmful. However, Ziegler herself managed to sidestep the brunt of the criticism for her portrayal of the autistic teenager. This was especially true when reports surfaced that the Dancing Moms Alum was reluctant to portray the character in the way her godmother, Sia, wanted.

Interestingly, Sia sensed this music would positively and drastically change the course of Ziegler’s acting career. In fact, before its release, she sent the film to Spielberg to show him the work the dancer had done for her before being cast as Velma Westside Story. While speaking to Sirius XM’s Fierce Women in Music, the “Chandelier” singer shared this story.

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“I sent Spielberg music to see,” Sia recalled. “He had already brought Maddie on board Westside Story, and it was a very small role, as a backup dancer. But Maddie loves to work, and she said yes. And then he saw music, and he said, ‘I don’t think she should do it. It’s too small a role. That’s awful, she’s going to win – she should win an Oscar for that role.’”

Sia went on to share that she spoke to Ziegler about Spielberg’s alleged concerns. However, Ziegler informed her that she was still keen to keep her role Westside Story because she loved to dance and to work. After her conversation with the actor, Sia called Spielberg back to break the news. The “I’m In Here” singer claimed the director promised to try to put Ziegler in the middle of every frame.

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Ziegler gushed about how much she enjoyed working on it Westside Story. Thanks to her role in the film, she even got to attend the Oscars. However, Sia really thought so music would be the project that really catapulted Ziegler’s career.

“I basically just said to her, ‘Take some time for yourself,'” Sia said of her conversations with Ziegler. “Relax when music comes out, I think you’re going to get a lot of offers and you might not have to audition anymore.” While Ziegler has gotten roles,music, she certainly had to audition for her. And considering how badly the film was reviewed, it seems like the dancer is working despite the project, not because of it.

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