Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Steve Harvey trolled for the “Bisexual Vampire” outfit, putting on leather pants and a blue jacket

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Steve Harvey opted for leather pants, a cobalt blue jacket, and chunky black boots in a picture he posted on Twitter on Wednesday October 13th

Social media detectives coined a brand new term for Steve Harvey’s clothing choices. The 64-year-old TV personality ditched her classic suits and opted for lederhosen, a cobalt blue jacket and chunky black boots in a picture he posted on Twitter on Wednesday October 13th. Steve also wore a black turtleneck as he posed longingly into the distance.

This is the second time in two weeks that the internet has turned into a meme festival thanks to Steve Harvey’s outfits. Last weekend, Harvey stunned us all in a clean, all-green outfit while we were on vacation in Paris with his beautiful wife Marjorie. He put on an all green shirt, pants, tie, and topcoat combo, complete with some sleek brown shoes and sunglasses. Back then, too, social media got into an uproar over Steve’s “monochromatic look”. It’s important to note here that the stylist for Harvey is Elly Karamoh, who is also styling Tyler Perry.


“Steve in the New Twilight”

Internet users swarmed Twitter with tweets comparing Steve Harvey’s new look to that of a “bisexual vampire.” One person tweeted, “Carti got Steve Harvey to dress like a bisexual vampire. One tweet read: “Steve in the new Twilight. Like a bisexual vampire. ”Another person said,“ I know who Steve Harvey is, but I already want their bisexual vampire’s style with a side of androgyny to be exactly what I want in life. ” One person tweeted, “People vilify Steve Harvey’s new style as ‘bisexual.’

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