Saturday, August 13, 2022

Steve Bannon is poised to testify before the January 6th panel that the Internet has major trust issues

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According to the letters, Bannon has discussed a time and place for an interview and would like his testimony to take place at a public hearing

Steve Bannon, a former aide to former US President Donald Trump, told the House Special Committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 rioting on Saturday, July 9 that he was now prepared to testify, preferably at a public hearing . Previously, the January 6 Committee had directly blamed Donald Trump. This opportunity could help the committee gain valuable insight into Trump’s alleged attempt to override the government.

According to letters obtained by The Guardian, Bannon discussed a time and place for an interview after Trump mentioned in a letter that he would waive executive privilege if he reached an agreement on testimony. “When you first received the subpoena to testify and provide documents, I invoked executive privilege. However, I have observed how unfairly you and others have been treated, how you have had to spend huge amounts of money on legal fees and all the trauma you must be out of love for your country and out of respect for the office of the President,” Trump wrote in the letter He continued: “Therefore, if you agree on a time and place for your testimony, I will waive executive privilege for you to go in and testify truthfully and fairly, the Unselect Committee (January 6 Committee) of political thugs and hacks who have had no due process, no cross-examination, and no genuine Republican members or witnesses present or interviewed.


The Internet criticizes Steve Bannon’s ploy

Trump’s letter also states, “It’s a partisan kangaroo court.” With Trump willing to forego executive privileges if Bannon and the committee can reach an agreement, the former US President’s former strategist may opt for a public hearing, which, by the way, is Bannon’s preference. However, it is understood that he would opt for a closed-door transcribed interview. The letter states that he is now ready to comply with the subpoenas he received in 2021. With this new development, the January 6 Committee may take a different turn. However, the internet is divided by this announcement.

One user wrote: “Bannon wants his own special treatment from the January 6 committee – he’s going straight to a public hearing where he can line up and decline to answer questions. Not correct. He needs to be treated like any other witness: first a private hearing to determine if he is truly cooperative.” Another user said, “Count me as a skeptic that Steve Bannon will testify to J6C. He will insist on ground rules , which they would let go insane, and they’re not insane. And of course it’s a ploy from his point of view to help him with his trial, which is scheduled to take place in a week.”

One particular person who was very disappointed in Bannon said: “Good time to remind people that Steve Bannon is one of the most dangerous people on the planet. He sees the world like Trump, but unlike Trump, he’s very smart. Everything Bannon does has an agenda and should never be turned away from him personally or in any kind of process.” Another user tweeted, “1/2 Given Bannon’s clear statements over time that he has the entire government wants to burn down, there is no reason to treat this as a good faith offer. As with all other witnesses, he should have to speak privately to the committee, under oath to verify his veracity first.”


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One user who strongly believes Bannon will lie in a public hearing tweeted: “If you ask me Steve Bannon’s testimony should NOT be public as he will likely lie through his teeth. Who agrees?”

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