Monday, October 25, 2021

Spencer Pratt reveals why he feels “bad” for his wife Heidi Montag

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Spencer Pratt spoke about the struggles he and his wife Heidi Montag had while trying to have a second child.

In a recent interview, The Hills: New Beginnings star admitted he regretted backing off his wife when she tried to have a second child for the first time three years ago.

“If I had known how hard it is, at least for us, to get pregnant the second time, there would never have been a disagreement,” Pratt told Hollywood Life. “I feel bad that I slowed the process down when it should be that slow. She had surgery and still no success. It’s very hard. I definitely do not wish anyone this trip. “

Pratt, 38, and Montag, 35, are parents to four-year-old son Gunner. In the first season The 2018 spin-off The Hills brought up the topic of another child on Monday, but Pratt was not on board because Gunner was still a baby and Heidi was busy mothering him – the toddler even fell asleep out of the bed Couple at that time. Pratt said he wanted his wife “back” before considering more children.

In 2018, the MTV couple told E! News that they were thinking about expanding their family “next year”.

“I would be happy about a girl or a boy,” said Monday the sales point at the time. “I love having a son. It is so much fun. So if we have another boy we will likely have three [kids]. “

But in July 2019, Monday told Page Six that the couple wanted to plan their next pregnancy according to the production schedule for “The Hills,” and that they would seriously try to have baby # 2 in January 2020.

While filming the second season of The Hills: New Beginnings, two of the couple’s co-stars – Ashley Wahler and Kaitlynn Carter – announced pregnancies and both have since given birth.

Pratt told Life & Style that he and his wife plan to keep trying to have a baby. He said Montag recently had a hysteroscopic polypectomy and plans to have blood tests to check his overall health amid her infertility problems.

“I take every single herbal nutritional supplement for fertility [that] you can buy from [health food store] Erewhon, ”he said. “Heidi goes to an acupuncturist to help with fertility. I don’t even use CBD anymore. That’s serious and clean. “

Pratt also revealed that Montag is not interested in performing in vitro fertilization or other fertility treatments and that she is “trying to accept” that Gunner may be her only child.

Pratt admitted to Us Weekly that the couple’s infertility struggles weighed on their marriage.

“[It’s] certainly [added] Stress, ”he said of his 13 year marriage. “It’s the first time I’ve felt like we’ve had a real… hardship. We had so much drama and negativity [from] external factors, and this is the first time something has been internalized in our relationship that is not in our hands. “

He also admitted that he regretted not trying to have a second baby right after giving birth to their son.

“Now we’ve been trying for a year,” said Pratt. “If it took three more years, I wish we’d just had Gunner and said, ‘OK, [let’s try again], ‘but who knew? I definitely didn’t know. … I’m really sorry for Heidi. “

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