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Southern Hospitality: Bringing up the peanut butter gossip was an a**hole move, says Maddi [Exclusive]

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The now infamous peanut butter remark Bradley Carter made on Bravo’s Southern hospitality wasn’t exactly new to the cast, including Maddi Reese, but the on-camera remark certainly made some people cringe.

Carter felt backed against the wall and hit back when the cast yanked him for meeting up with returning Republican clerk Reagan while dating Reese’s roommate Sierra. Reese was particularly driving the narrative, so in retaliation Carter blurted out that Emmy Sharrett not only hooked up with Reese’s boyfriend Trevor, but recently said, “Licking peanut butter off his cock and that’s cool?” said Carter.

The friends table exploded and seemed shocked and embarrassed. Reese told Showbiz Cheat Sheet the peanut butter gossip is old news — but an obnoxious move on Carter’s part in getting him in front of the camera.

Reese said her roommate Sierra was quite hurt when Carter hooked up with Reagan. “Reagan and Brad came into work every day and looked Sierra in the eye. Look us all in the eye,” Reese said in a confessional. “And my friend was really bloody hurt.”

So when Carter blurted out the peanut butter rumor about her close friend and boyfriend, it was Carter’s way of trying to blow up the conversation.

“We already knew that. I think most people did,” she said of the rumor. “So for that to be brought up and thrown in our faces was like a stupid move. Especially if we all knew about it and talked about it. So it was one of those things where it’s like we’re going to sit there and say, are you going to be an asshole and bring this up?

“I think the peanut butter thing is over, mostly because we already knew that and talked about it,” she added.

Much like the intertwined friendships and romances Vanderpump RulesReese said the lines between personal and work life are becoming quite blurred.

“I feel like there was just a lot of drama at work,” she shared. “There were a lot of people who weren’t necessarily on the show that had issues with it [Carter]. And my best friend and my roommate and my colleague had a really big problem. And I feel like I’m that voice.”

“Especially seeing how much it hurt people when Brad cheated on them,” she continued. “But my thing was just going. It was really hard for me not to get involved or have a voice. The girls at Republic and the people who work there like me will always be loyal. Like they’ll always have my back and I’ll always have theirs. Even when Trevor and I broke up, they made his life miserable [laughs].”.

“But I’ll admit that I wasn’t involved, so I shouldn’t have gotten so involved in their relationship. But I also felt that my roommate and colleague deserved some clarification.”

Carter confronted Reese about telling someone he was with them to “protect” her “heart.” Reese saw Carter hooking up with someone else and felt compelled to issue a cryptic warning to the person he was dating.

“Kayla was a really good friend of mine too,” Reese said of the person Carter dated. “For her to come to me, Republic, and just start talking to me about how she was with Brad and all those things and asking me questions about it, I was kind of choked up and like, ‘You know girl, have fun . Protect your heart. So, I’ll get back to work.’ I mean, for that to explode or for Brad to confront me about it, I was kind of confused.”

“Well, I didn’t say anything,” she insisted. “All I really said was protect your heart. And I said what I said, and I didn’t say or tell her anything. And that’s where I kinda don’t regret it. But I’ll admit that maybe I shouldn’t have gotten so involved in their relationship.”

Reese acknowledged that Peter Pan’s behavior was seen southern charm has not changed in recent years. “These men in this town are really big players,” she shared. “I feel like people are even shocked by some of the things that happened. But it’s pretty standard for Charleston nightlife.”

“It’s like a lot of Peter Pan syndrome,” she said. “A lot of not committing to not growing up and I just feel like my relationship was really having such a rough time. And I felt so pushed away by some of my cast members who were doing even worse things. So that’s the point where I feel like it was really hard for me not to explode about it. But I shouldn’t have interfered as much as I should have.”

the Southern hospitality The season 1 finale airs on Bravo on Monday, January 23 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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