Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Southern charm stars are “done” with their exes and acting credits.

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Southern Charm Season 8 ended with many broken friendships and relationships, including the two-year relationship between Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose and the budding relationship between Austen Kroll and Olivia Flowers.

While promoting her new Bravo show Southern Hospitality, Leva Bonaparte opens up about the relationships between her two female co-stars and if she thinks either of them could be resurrected. “I’ve been having drinks with Taylor and Olivia and I think the ship has sailed for you and Olivia in terms of Southern charm men,” she told Us Weekly in response to a question about ex-girlfriends Green and Rose , who imagined having what seemed like a difficult conversation at BravoCon.

Bonaparte said she believed both Green and Flowers were “done” with Rose and Kroll after they quit. “They are cute girls,” she added. “I adore them both. I do not believe that [they’re getting] the back [together] from my conversations with Taylor. No.” Rose and Green announced in July 2022 when Southern Charm season 8 aired, and they had a very heated reunion a few months later.

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Regarding Blumen and Kroll, Winter House season 2 viewers have seen Kroll openly discuss his relationship with his co-star and how much he cares for her on a number of occasions.

Bonaparte told Us Weekly that Kroll was also very interested in flowers while filming Southern Charm, although it didn’t always appear that way in the episodes. “He literally just said, ‘This will be my wife,'” she shared with the publication.

She said he met her at a double birthday party for Flowers and Bonaparte just before filming season 8 began. “And he just said, ‘Who is this girl? I’m going to marry her,’” she spilled. She said he was “very into” Flowers from the moment they met, but according to her, they wouldn’t get back together.

It seems like Kroll sees the situation a little differently than Bonaparte, as he hasn’t completely closed the door on a future reconciliation. In an October 2022 interview, he shared that while he wasn’t very optimistic about the prospect of rekindling a relationship, he felt it could potentially happen.

“I would never say never with her,” he told Us Weekly. The Pillows and Beer podcast host described Flowers as a really important person in his life and credited her with helping him get back “to who I think I am.”

That said, he explained that the reunion wasn’t good for the ex-couple and that he might not have handled it in the best way. Kroll told the publication that given his past, Flowers was “surprised” by his light-hearted conversations with LeCroy during the reunion.

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