Friday, August 5, 2022

‘Southern Charm’ Season 8: Fans slam Naomie for ‘using’ Craig, saying she ‘needs a storyline’

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It seems fans aren’t too thrilled that Naomie wants to spend time with Craig after finding happiness with Paige

Naomie’s comeback in Southern Charm has certainly made a lot of waves this season. Aside from her constant feuds with Kathryn, it looks like her friendship with Craig is also proving to be a problem. While Paige appreciates the fact that there’s no animosity between Naomie and Craig (take notes, Austen), she also told Craig that she wasn’t on board when he was hanging out with Naomie.

However, for Naomie, Craig still seems to be the person she turns to for everything and everyone, having asked him to meet her so she can talk about Kathryn and Chleb’s situation.

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While Craig was hanging out with Naomie, she couldn’t help but feel like she was part of a “stab surgery” seeing how nervous Craig was the whole time. He was extremely nervous throughout their conversation, which lasted a full five minutes, seeing that he had little to contribute to the whole conversation with Kathryn. Craig mentioned that he was on his way to pick up Paige from the airport and Naomie was quick to suggest they had a “fun evening”. However, Craig dismissed the idea, reminding her that they were ex-boyfriends and it would be best for them not to hang out or spend time together. Fans were happy that Craig stood up for himself.

“I’m surprised Craig ended the coffee date with Naomie. He should have been more open on the phone, but kudos to him for respecting Paige’s wishes. #SouthernCharm,” one fan wrote. “Naomie secretly enjoys feeling like she has power over Craig. Madison was the same with Austen. I’m glad Craig didn’t back down. Now Austen must learn to carry on in the same way a fan does. “Naomie wants Craig back because she needs a storyline for the show. She’s used it from the start. She knows why it’s inappropriate to be with Craig while he’s dating someone. She did it to him to the point where she didn’t want him in the same room #SouthernCharm” added another. “Naomie there is ZERO reason for you to call Craig about Kathryn so stop it it was yours Sorry to see him and get camera time and NOBODY wants you on their cam #southerncharm,” one fan wrote. “Craig wants nothing to do with Naomie it’s hilarious he’s like my girl from NY she plays this one #SouthernCharm not,” one fan tweeted. “Um, Naomie would never have had coffee with Craig when she was with Metul. She’s full of shit #SouthernCharm,” one fan said.

Southern Charm season 8 airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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