Tuesday, January 24, 2023

‘Something to Note’: Clayton Echard’s Message to Zach Shallcross Ahead of ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere

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SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA: Clayton Echard has decided to take everything he learned about ‘The Bachelor’ to Zach Shallcross to pass on. The new season premieres on January 23, and fans have mixed feelings about the lead.

Zach was one of Rachel Recchia’s last three but was sent home after spending the night with her. Fans didn’t think he had a fair chance so they were over the moon when he was named the new leading man. Clayton struggled a lot after the release of his season and found it difficult to deal with the hate he saw online. Knowing he wasn’t the only one dealing with negativity was a realization he believes has benefited him. Others had gone through it and survived. His relationship with Susie didn’t last long and both agreed that they needed time from each other to figure out what they really wanted. Nothing bad happened, he explained, they just aren’t compatible.


‘The Bachelor’ Season 27 Fans Unhappy With Zach Shallcross As New Lead, Calling Him ‘Unpopular’

Clayton champions his “Big Brother” stance and advises critics to keep their opinions to themselves during The Bachelor’s forthcoming debut. Clayton, who served as the lead man on “The Bachelor” last season, has officially handed over the reins to new leader Zach. Clayton felt it was important to address the trolls who may feel motivated to contribute online criticism ahead of Zach’s first episode, which airs Monday nights at 8:7c on ABC.

Clayton is no stranger to online criticism, having had enough of it last year after splitting from Rachel and Gabby Windey after telling them both he loved her during his season. While host Jesse Palmer might be concerned that Zach would not be prepared for the possible online hate he will face once his season airs, Clayton has made sure to do his best to temper any negativity. The former Bachelor took to Instagram with a promotional photo of Zach to wish him success and to address potential “haters.”

Clayton wrote, “Something to keep in mind… he, along with the contestants, are human beings. So before you hit send to send a message expressing your displeasure with one of them, ask yourself how you would feel if someone posted that exact message about one of them loved ones of yours.” “If the thought makes you uncomfortable, consider not posting it,” he added. “Or at least don’t share your negative thoughts publicly because the contestants and/or their loved ones will see them and your words make an impact.” Clayton then asked fans to send kind and supportive comments to Zach and the contestants, which he said meant a lot when his season aired last year.

Clayton had previously given Zach some “big brother advice” on how to handle the role of captain. “I think perspective and insight helped me tremendously because I was like, ‘Oh wait, I’m not alone in this and I’m going to go through this time of struggle, and I’m going to face those comments, but just as they got through it have, I will too,’” Clayton reminded Zach.

Clayton also assured Zach that if he ever needed anything, his “line was always open.” “If he wants to reach out, if he ever wants to talk, I’m here,” he noted. “But I’ve heard really great things about him and how I think he handled it a little bit better, so I’m willing to pass it on to him.” Clayton also mentioned that Zach because his season was a “train wreck.” , now has the opportunity to “really raise the bar”.

“The Bachelor” begins Monday, January 23 at 8/7c on ABC.

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