Monday, November 28, 2022

Some fans call DWTS finale a ‘shame’ and a ‘new low’

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Some “Dancing With the Stars” fans are seeing red after the season 31 finale, particularly regarding the freestyle of professional dancer Gleb Savchenko and his partner Shangela.

Here’s why some fans are so angry, and what other fans are saying in support of the fourth-place pair:

Some “Dancing With the Stars” fans were outraged by the show, which not only featured a drag queen as a contestant this season, but also featured pro dancer Savchenko, who performed in drag for her final freestyle.

One fan wrote on Instagram: “It used to be such a wholesome show. I’m glad I don’t have the indoctrinated Disney Channel.”

“This isn’t family friendly,” a second fan wrote, to which another fan replied, “What’s not family friendly is h-8. And that’s all you seem willing to share. The door is like this —->🚪. Leave and have a fabulous night! Hallelu!”

“This is some crazy bizarre awkward crap going on!!!” a third fan wrote on Instagram, adding, “It’s a bizarre circus cesspool.”

Some fans have equated the drag element with the “grooming” and “targeting” of children — although, as PBS News Hour points out, this is “false rhetoric” used by drag opponents to “make themselves out to be Portraying saviors of children” and framing people who disagree with them as “siding with child molesters”.

One fan simply wrote: “Bloody shame on the ballroom… This performance didn’t belong on this show while it was being broadcast by Disney. That’s called grooming, in case you didn’t know.”

Taking to Facebook, one fan said she “cannot anymore” watch the show with her daughter because of this, writing, “LGBTQ MUST STOP TARGETING KIDS.”

Several fans on Facebook thought this was “Dancing With the Stars” pushing an “agenda” they described as a “new low point” for the show, saying that pushing that agenda is why Savchenko and Shangela didn’t win.

“Shame on the dancers… that’s why they didn’t win because most of us are tired of having the agenda pushed upon us,” one commenter wrote on Facebook.

“So disgusted with this season, the show has always been about dancing with your partner and how well you work together, yet they still give Shangela her own little episode and role. Nothing beats trying to put the whole load on everyone, ‘Dancing With the Stars’ is totally taken away,” wrote a second fan.

A third fan added: “This was a new low for DWTS. What a disappointment this show has become.”

One fan vowed to stop watching, writing: “I will never watch this show again! What a joke and an insult to ‘Dancing With the Stars!’”

Savchenko showing up in drag wasn’t the first time haters have come out to say they’re upset about this pairing. After the cast was announced in September 2022, some fans took to social media to say they are boycotting the show because Savchenko and Shangela were dating.

The negative comments on social media seemed to be overshadowed by the supportive comments. Many fans felt this was the best freestyle of the night and said they were proud of the message the show and its artists are sending.

One fan on Instagram wrote: “I just want to say that I’m proud of the people who send positive messages and not hate speech, because if someone is low enough to send hate speech among another living person because of their sexuality and personality… my goodness must have really hurt you as a kid. Thanks again to everyone who is positive and not negative. It means a lot to me just because I’m an LGBTQ person, so thanks again to the positive people.”

Another fan wrote: “Thank you DWTS for truly bringing diversity and drag to mainstream television on Disney!!! YES SIR!! YES SIR!!!! This is beyond awesome!!!! My 10 year old thought nothing of it and she loved it and Shangela! ! ! Yes, Gleb, for showing that real men accept the authenticity of whoever men choose to be. Representation matters!!!! Accepting and normalizing our differences is important. Thanks very much! This freestyle was also unbelievable off the pole. I love you Shangela and your bright happy light!!!”

“I’m so proud of Gleb. That’s something I would never have seen from him. Shangela brought out the best in him. I hope they win [for sure] now!” wrote a third fan.

One fan simply gushed, “literally the best thing I’ve ever looked at.”

The fans on Facebook were also full of praise. One poster wrote: “What a phenomenal season, I absolutely loved these two from start to finish! @itsshangela is a bright spot and what she brought to the table this season has been remarkable. I loved everything she and @glebsavchenkoofficial brought us!”

Another fan wrote: “Hope for Shangela and Gleb! They all have my votes,” and a third fan added, “I’d love to see them win. Shangela brings so much positive energy to the ballroom.”

As far as Savchenko goes, he posted a lovely tribute to his partner on Instagram after the finale, writing: “What a ride I must say! @itsshangela first of all it’s your birthday kids HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🥳 I’m so so proud of you, you killed it every week and also took me into your world and created Natasha! So much respect goes out to all the drag queens out there. You are true artists and what you make is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Thank you all for your love and support and for getting us to this final. Until next time… 💕.”

Dancing With the Stars returns in 2023 for its 32nd season.

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