Sunday, January 22, 2023

‘Small People, Big World’: Jeremy Roloff could suffer the most financially if the show is cancelled

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TLC’s Small people, big world Season 24 has come to an end and fans are wondering what’s next for the Roloff family. It’s possible the show won’t be renewed and the Roloffs will have to find new ways to make money. While Jeremy Roloff hasn’t been a star on the show for quite some time, it could hurt him the most if the series disappears forever.

Small people, big world Season 24 showed the steep divisions within the Roloff family. Several family members have commented on whether they hope to compete in another season. And it seems that some members are more eager than others – but they all have alternative ways of making money.

Amy Roloff mentioned that she hopes the show goes on. But if not, she’s fine. She has Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen and added paid tiers to the company in January 2023. Her husband, Chris Marek, works in real estate.

Zach and Tori Roloff know their time on the show will end sooner rather than later. But Tori is already taking steps to get back into the classroom. She told her Instagram followers that she started substituting at Jackson Roloff’s school. She will likely return to career when the series ends. In addition, she has numerous Instagram sponsorships.

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler are also probably making a ton of money renting Roloff Farms for short-term rentals. “The opportunity to share the farm is going well in the short term and I’m also grateful that SO many people book a stay at Roloff Farms in advance!” he wrote on Instagram. In addition, Caryn has a substantial net worth. Matt once revealed that her net worth would “surprise” fans.

Jacob and Molly Roloff, the other two Roloffs who retired from the show, are also doing well. Jacob works at Roloff Farms and Molly works as a senior accountant.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff left Small people, big world to pursue their own business ventures. While some ventures worked, others flopped. Audrey told her Instagram followers that some of her ventures “made zero money” and others “actually cost her.” She also said that due to the “economy,” she’s waiting to fix her new farmhouse.

“It’s right out of the ’70s, so everything’s really dated, and honestly, a lot of things don’t work or are old or dented…it needs a lot of fixing,” Audrey said of her farmhouse. “But given the economy and our lifetimes, we didn’t want to rush into a crazy remodel.”

if Small people, big world With season 24 finally coming to an end, Jeremy and Audrey may have an even harder time holding on to the fans they initially garnered from the show. Zach, Tori, Amy and Matt are all in a good position to hold their own without the series if need be. But Jeremy and Audrey likely rely on past show viewers for clients.

During Small people, big world might not last forever, TLC could always strive for a spinoff. Amy, Matt, Zach, and Tori Roloff have maintained good relationships with the network despite the ups and downs of the family. But Jeremy Roloff slammed the show via Instagram.

“It’s become this athlete who doesn’t want to hang up the cleats, so he’s hurting the team and hurting himself in the process,” he told his followers in reference to the show. “Audrey and I wanted to do other things than fabricate drama on TV.”

Jeremy’s opinion could certainly affect whether TLC would ever contact him and Audrey about a potential spinoff.

As of January 2023, TLC has not yet decided whether Small people, big world will continue after season 24. While Amy Roloff is poised to film more, reports suggest Tori and Matt Roloff are undecided. An insider said Caryn Chandler wanted nothing to do with the show’s progression.

“Matt really wants another season, but Caryn is completely wrecked,” a source told The Sun. “She thinks there’s too much disagreement about what they want to say and do on the air and too much family drama.”

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