Saturday, May 7, 2022

SM denies EXO Chanyeol allegation in traffic when he was recruited, fans call trolls ‘creative’

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An influencer has accused EXO’s Chanyeol of being rude to her on the street, and the label says he’s drafted into the military

Seems some people online have too much free time as the YouTuber and influencer who has accused EXO’s Chanyeol of street rage and rude behavior while the rapper is currently conscripted into the military. It should be noted that the SM Entertainment idol had enlisted early in the military as of March 2021 following multiple false allegations online.

With Park Chanyeol being recruited for over a year, the female YouTuber’s allegations seem far-fetched to many fans, but trolls kept pointing fingers at the EXO member. The influencer, who is also a biker and YouTuber, revealed she was roughly treated by someone driving a foreign car, but Knetz claimed the idol in question was the EXO rapper.


YouTuber c_Nematic complains about a traffic incident

The motorcyclist, who goes by the YouTube channel name c_Nematic, posted a video on her account revealing the story behind the road traffic incident. The YouTuber explained that it was only after the incident that she realized the driver of the foreign car was a famous idol. She also revealed that while riding a small scooter to work, she was threatened by the driver of the car that eventually drove past her.

The influencer revealed she was chasing the car and banged on the car window, asking why the driver cursed her and drove away. The YouTuber didn’t mention the idol’s name, but Korean fans began synthesizing clues from the producer of the show “Cinematic,” which claimed that the K-pop idol in question was EXO’s rapper Chanyeol.

While this incident is brewing as Chanyeol is drafted into the military, SM Entertainment has denied the EXO member’s involvement in the controversy. The label released its official statement on April 27 stating that the person accused of this incident is not Chanyeol and the vehicle featured in the images is different from the car owned by Chanyeol. SM Entertainment also warned malicious commenters, who said the label will take strict measures to protect its artists from spreading false information.

Despite SM Entertainment’s warning, fans claim trolls are getting creative with their accusations and trying to smear EXO members’ names, even though the group is currently on hiatus and three members are military-enlisted. One fan said, “People are more obsessed with my boy while he’s employed in the military.” Another fan said, “You can tell he’s a good person just because… Q: What would you like to say to those who love you.” once bullied? ? Chanyeol: I HOPE YOU ARE GOOD.” Another said, “Chanyeol’s car has this white detail on it. Not the one in the picture/video. This is a different Chibagen. END OF THE STORY. LEAVE HIM IN PEACE.”

Another fan said, “The difference between Chanyeol’s car lmaooooo why Koreans are unemployed ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ try again kb*tch.” One fan wondered, “These trolls are getting really creative, aren’t they?” One fan said: “It’s not Chanyeol’s hand!” One fan said, “Also, Chanyeol’s car seat is NOT BLACK. I can go on just to keep you guys shut up.” One fan wondered, “They did a whole video but didn’t show the license plate…hmmmm…because the first thing you would do in a situation like that is get the license plate.”

“Leave Chanyeol alone”

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