Monday, January 23, 2023

Sister Wives star Ysabel Brown says plural marriage was “unfair” to her mother Christine

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sister wives Star Ysabel Brown reveals why she would “never” be a polygamist like her mother Christine Brown was with her father Kody Brown. She thinks that her mother’s plural marriage was unfair to Christine. She believes women always lose out in polygamy, especially if they are not legally married.

For over a decade, Christine tried to hide her marital troubles from her six children. The rules of the coronavirus (COVID-19) increased the family’s distrust in each other and drove a permanent wedge between them.

After years of struggling to find peace with her sister wives and plural marriage with Kody, Christine finally decided she was done. After leaving her faith, she divorced Kody and went public about their split in November 2021.

All of Christine’s children have expressed that they are glad their mother is happier now that she is out of her plural marriage. Christine’s daughter, Ysabel Brown, is very grateful that her mother, Christine, put polygamy behind her.

Ysabel sat down with her sister Mykelti Padron and brother-in-law Tony Padron to have a chat about her Patreon. Like her other siblings, Ysabel has no interest in being a polygamist like her parents were.

She revealed in the conversation that she thinks polygamy is unfair to women, especially when it comes to financial abuse. “Like how much work Mom had to do to make sure she was financially stable after Dad is ridiculous,” she said.

Christine, who has been “spiritually” married to Kody since 1994, has never been married on paper. “In normal monogamy situations, that would never have happened because the husband would have had to support the wife afterwards,” Ysabel said.

She believes polygamy is especially dangerous for women. “The women who are not legally married to the husband are upset,” she said. This has come true for Janelle and Christine, who supported the family financially for decades only to walk out of the marriage empty-handed.

While Ysabel doesn’t want to “discredit” people who can make polygamy work for them, she doesn’t want to be in plural marriage herself. She believes that polygamy “could never, never do it [her] happy.”

“I think in some cases, very rarely, it works beautifully. Polygamy is a beautiful thing for some people,” she said. She mentioned some advantages of a polygamous family: having more mothers and many close siblings.

“It really takes a whole village to raise children. I think the village we had polygamy is not the best group. Maybe join another cult,” she joked.

Her main reason for not wanting to be a polygamist is that she wants to be enough for one person. “It’s not something I would ever care about because I would hate to think that the person I marry would have to find something different in someone else because they couldn’t find it in me,” she concluded.

Christine has done a great job raising strong, independent women, which definitely shows in the choices she makes. Most Brown children have decided against plural marriage and have opted for monogamy.

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