Thursday, January 19, 2023

Sister Wives Recap: Why Did the Brown Family Move from Lehi to Las Vegas?

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Family drama can draw more viewers into a reality TV show than anything else. sister wives however, is a unique situation. The series ended its 17th season on January 8th. Weeks after the Tell-All episode aired on TLC, the series suddenly has more eyes on it than ever. That’s likely because family members, including several grown children of the Brown family, chose to spill tea at the end of the season. We should return to the beginning for followers who are new to the Browns and their polygamous lifestyle. Let’s recap what happened when the cast of Sister Wives moved from Lehi to Las Vegas.

Season 1 of sister wives I spent introducing the world to Kody Brown and his wives, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown, and the newest addition to the family, Robyn Brown. While much of the first season focused on Robyn joining the family as Kody’s fourth wife, a subplot was circling in the background.

The family openly discussed that their alternative lifestyle was illegal in Utah, despite some 30,000 polygamists calling the state. The subplot took center stage in Season 2, culminating in the family’s panicked move from Lehi to Las Vegas. The urgency, Kody said, was for the state to investigate the Brown family after they went public with their lifestyle.

While Kody Brown explained that his family suddenly decided to leave the state after being investigated for polygamy, it never really went over well with viewers. Finally, polygamy is not unknown in the state of Utah. Yes, it was indeed illegal to be spiritually married to multiple women at the time of Brown’s move, but it was rarely a prosecuted crime.

According to USA Today, the Utah Attorney General chose not to prosecute most modern-day polygamists. Instead, the state examines whether other polygamy-related crimes have been committed. The Browns were unlikely to be charged with polygamy, despite being investigated. Their home certainly wasn’t about to be searched by the police, as Kody seemed to be implying. They were never in immediate danger, but the hint of it made for compelling reality TV.

There are a few complex reasons behind the family’s decision to leave Utah for Las Vegas. Perhaps primarily they left because they couldn’t afford not to, at least not if they wanted to keep their show. If we’re 100% honest, season 1 of sister wives was boring. Aside from a little drama surrounding Robyn’s acceptance into the family, the show had little substance and certainly no excitement. The move kept things interesting and offered TLC plenty of storylines to attack. In short, the move allowed sister wives keep going. It also spawned some of his greatest moments, like the family collapsing over a wet bar.

Finally, they could afford to move from Lehi to Las Vegas. If you read the Brown family book, become sister wives, You know that the family has moved a lot. Lehi was the first place where it could be said that they were truly “sedentary” for any length of time. In short, Kody Brown seems to suffer from wanderlust and sister wives gave him the capital he needed to move his entire family to a new state and buy four homes that were far nicer than their Lehi home.

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