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“Sister Wives”: Kody says he can’t love Janelle if she doesn’t “respect” him.

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in the sister wives Season 17, Kody Brown and his second wife, Janelle Brown’s marriage is beginning to show signs of strain. When tensions reach an all-time high, Janelle gets tired of trying to placate Kody about her life situation. But Janelle’s resistance makes Kody think he doesn’t respect him. Kody says a man can’t love a woman who can’t respect him. Does that mean he doesn’t love Janelle anymore?

In the episode of the 20th sister wives, Janelle and Kody fight while trying to level their new trailer. Kody recognizes his marriage to Janelle has become “antagonistic” and “uncooperative.”

Kody has admitted divorcing his third wife, Christine Brown, has made it difficult for him to be around. Since his divorce, Kody’s anger has spilled over into his other marriages.

Since the family “breakup” happened with Christine’s decision to leave, Kody realizes that his relationship with Janelle is also falling apart.

“I don’t think Janelle or I are being honest or realistic about this relationship as we communicate about these things,” Kody tells the cameras.

As a result, instead of spending the harsh winter in the trailer at Coyote Pass, Janelle decides to move into a rented apartment in town. She plans to spend six months in one location in Flagstaff and wait until April 2022 to move back into the RV. She hopes that by then they will be able to lay the foundations for the house she plans to build on the family’s property.

Kody is upset that Janelle didn’t consult with him before making up her mind. But Janelle is firm in her decision. “I mean, I basically decided what I had to do for myself. And I kind of decided and did it, and he had to go with me. But if I had waited for him to solve the problem, it would never have been solved,” she tells the cameras.

In the preview for the November 27 episode of sister wives, Janelle is fed up with Kody’s proposals to buy Christine’s old house in Flagstaff. “I want my own house,” Janelle says firmly.

He tells her, “I don’t want to live in an RV.” Kody tells the cameras that he’s having trouble finding love for Janelle since she’s making decisions without him. “Men don’t love people who don’t respect them,” he says. “I won’t break my back if you don’t respect me,” Kody adds.

After Christine’s divorce rocked the family, Janelle felt she had to choose a side. Unfortunately, at this moment she is closer to Christine than her husband. After Kody yells at Christine, Janelle comforts her sister-wife instead of her husband. This was one of the many times Kody had felt disrespected by Janelle.

Lots of moments in there sister wives Season 17 so far suggests that their marriage could end soon. Janelle told the cameras that she would choose her dogs and her children over Kody any day. And in the season trailer, Janelle is fed up with Kody again and ends up walking away from Kody mid-sentence.

sister wives Fans are convinced that Kody will end up disrespecting his marriage to Janelle like he did to Christine when she first started standing up for herself. Maybe Kody would have gotten respect if he gave it to his wives.

New episodes of Sister Wives Season 17 air Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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